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The Second Rape of Christine
Pages 86-88 of Napi Mephisto by Ron West

"Woman is a real devil, an enemy of the peace, a source of provocation."


Christine Susan Wollstone is beautiful, brilliant in neuro-linguistics, but also propped up in artificial reality on Lithium, stemming from fractures caused by abuse from western men. Yet she is forced to compete/integrate with some of the biggest psychological erections encountered in the annals of Man, the personality types of Nietzche, Napoleon and Rasputin, all in a small socially incestuous (the personalities do not change, only the couplings) school for a surreptitious but State sponsored fascist Christian education. Rasputin conceals his mental herpes, Napoleon secretly frets over his complex, while Nietzche’s incessant mental erection is to a degree the opposite of Viagra could not repair...

Vance Nietzche, Jack Napoleon and Marcus Rasputin each took their place at the customary table in the school’s staff lounge, joining Ego Priapism in the very sort of clique their students often model but are sometimes persecuted for forming, because of its propensity to delinquent and dishonest behaviors

Today they would disparage and denigrate the new parent Napi Mephisto, for the benefit of the listening Ms Wollstone who sits outside their circle, of course she can never really be one of them, but pandering to this new teacher’s desire to feel included and welcome, insignificant overtures have been made. But Christine also has been kept at a little distance, by each of these presiding alpha males, and quietly teased with the thought she might become a part of what is socially important. Christine must discover now who and what is cool, and who and what is not Napoleon and Rasputin both, have Mephisto’s son in their classes, Philosophy of Western Civilization and Overview of Natural Science respectively. Towards the end of the preceding semester, Christine had preposterously suggested the Mephisto kid’s father, Napi Mephisto, volunteer teach or give presentations to Nietzche’s Government classes, this Mephisto, a man that hasn’t the possession of the slightest social grace, simply look at him! Feral, un-housebroken, bearded like the Hell’s Angel he without question must have been, casually dressed in faded jeans and shirt that are obviously only washed and clean because he must mix at the school his son attends and he can muster nothing better

Christine had approached Vance and said “Vance, hi! I want to tell you about the father of a 9th grade student, the father’s name is Napi Mephisto. Mr Mephisto came to speak to my classes about his personal experiences when he lived with the Indians… he is an author as well as a very active member of the community in regard to current issues…” Christine’s voice trailed off at the look on the face of Vance, a slightest raised eyebrows scepticism with the faintest touch of condescending smile, part pout (stupid girls) Vance replied “I have to attend to something just now, of course I will be interested to hear about Mephisto. If you will put the information together in an email for me, I will get back to you. Ok? We can visit about it later”

Dear Vance,

Hi there! Per our conversation, I wanted to pass along this message (below) from Napi Mephisto, father of one of my English Lit students. Napi came to speak to my classes about his personal experiences when he lived with the Indians following his return to the U.S. after Vietnam. His presentation was a very valuable learning experience for my students as well as myelf. He is also an author as well as a very active member of the community in regard to many current issues. I believe that Mr. Mephisto could contribute to your classes as well as he did to mine.

Feel free to contact him.

Let me know if you have any questions! Have a great day!



Hi, Christine,

I would like to explore the idea of setting up a partnership between the organization New Age Native America and the appropriate school programs for extra credit or extra cirricular studies, something that perhaps could be related to student Inquiry Questions. I briefly talked with the NANA Director and he told me to go ahead and explore ideas with you.

The director also said that he would waive the NANA Speaker Series for your school’s students. The new flyer is not yet out for the upcoming speakers, but I will get it out to you asap, when I know it has become available. I don't know the proper persons to explore the next idea with, but it occurs to me that I might be useful contributing to any classes interested in United States Constitutional Law, especially as relates to International Human Rights and Treaty Law. I know that there are moot court competitions in the high school scene, but essentially know nothing about how they are organized or how the subject law and cases are assigned. It would be cool to assist coaching a law team in the areas of law I am familiar with, or even to guest teach in a more general sense.

Kind regards


Vance Nietzche did not reply to Christine’s email, but let some time pass and now Jack Napoleon brought up Mephisto to Nietzche and Rasputin while at lunch, seated at a table adjacent to Christine. Napoleon: Did you hear Napi Mephisto’s son is suspect in introducing the new problem with drugs to our students? Vance feigned a look of surprise but Marcus Rasputin assumed a knowing air. Rasputin: Old news. The Mephisto kid’s father has been coaching soccer and it is my understanding this is being looked at closely for altogether more serious issues… it would seem he has taken an interest in placing the Mephisto kid on co-ed teams and there does seem to be a need to look into any possible use of his kid as bait for an ulterior predatory motive...

Christine felt the chill of deepest fear and loathing stemming from the memory of her abduction and rape… fighting nausea and dizziness, the continued conversation in her hearing became subliminal… She had been distracted – she did not notice him digging through her purse ... He whispered to her, her child's name and “I have her”, he named her daughter's school. Then he embraced her like a lover ... “I'm going to kiss you now and you make sure it looks like you want it or you will never see her.” Christine felt, again, the same silent scream... by now he is whispering into her mouth as he is kissing her… “Walk out with me…

...and speaking of the kid bringing in the drugs, have you seen his eyes? Talk about coming to class stoned! Vance Nietzche then drove the last nail of Christine’s crucifixion with: “To think the older Mephisto has been brought into class!

Love in Reverse

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