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The Prehistory of White Genocide
By William Rapier & James LaFond

If anything deserves the LaFond treatment, this is it

Yep, Europeans were here first, but got wiped out. Funny how history always repeats itself, only this time there will be nothing left in the White gene pool to do another absurd civilization-building round.

As the famous “mouse utopia” experiment shows, once a population has reached the top of the food chain, there is nowhere else to go but down:

Barbarianism trumps civilization, every time.

Mister Rapier, they didn't all get wiped out. I would first cite the archeological evidence—masses of it, stowed away and forgotten in Smithsonion vaults—discussed in The Rediscovery of Lost America by Arlington Mallery and Mary Roberts Harrison, which details numerous pre-Columbian iron hearths and shards inscribed with some 37 Old World alphabets.

Before we go on, click on the link below to find the so-called Red chief of an Eastern Woodland tribe of Indians.

Was his daddy a Jesuit, or was his ancestor a Norseman a Saxon who fled from Charlemagne or maybe a Solutrean?

The point is, we have been lied to from the cradle as to who we are. I don't now what the truth is about our identity. But I am digging for part of it, the part that involves the region of the world my people have lived in for 400 years now.

What appears to have wiped out most of the prehistoric Caucasians of Eastern North America, who got over-extended and were pushed back away from the Pacific Rim by migrating Siberians, was the Younger Dryas Event [about 11,000 BP], which wiped out most of the large animals in North America as well, while the Asian immigrants were primarily spreading south along the coast—by sea, as smart people do, rather than walking across an ice field—into South America and then up through the Caribbean. Once that asteroid wiped out everything east of the Sierra Nevada the continent was wide open for the red men. But whites kept coming from Europe, indeed never seemed to have stopped.

There is also the fact that the natives which early English explorers found in the portion of North America directly across the Atlantic from Northern Europe, lived in a habitat similar to pre-agricultural Europe and were very often indistinguishable from the lower classes of European society—in other words, they were tanned "like French peasants." The genetic, literary and archeological evidence points to the falcity of the Bearing Land Bridge theory, for there was no land bridge, but a vast expanse of ice and the Asian immigrants into Western North America—apparently good at math even back then—came by skin boat and one of the first things they did was spear a white man on what is now the Left Coast.

If the Vikings could do it in an open boat, and Thor Hyerdahl could take a reed boat across the Atlantic, then every maritime old world civilization since the bronze age at least had some boats blown off course looking for Cornish tin and their crews ended up adopted into Amerindian societies. How many European chieftains, pushed to the sea by eastward migrating invaders, hopped in a boat and sailed west? That's where the Celts said you went when you died anyhow—might as well see for yourself.

In 1566 100 Englishmen started walking from Matamoras Mexico to New Breton Canada. Only 3 made it, one of them named Davy. Most of the rest joined native tribes. The history of—Asian and European American—North America is more ancient than American academia will ever admit. I was put out of history class in high school and sent to the library for citing a Time Life Book that called for a 37,000 BP immigration to North America. It's an old sore spot for me.

In my current work I am seeking to prove nothing more than the fact that Europeans and Native Americans interbred heavily between 1500 and 1868, most notable in the Eastern Woodlands, where, in the mid 1800s, ethnologists recognized a type of person native to the forests of Northern Europe and America "of one common type," the Sylvid. In fact, the term savage has two origins, the English version of which comes from the Latin for people of the forest, or "salvages." There were also extensive demographic inroads made into the lower Eastern Woodlands and upper Mississippi region by a Mexican proxy civilization, a process which ebbed and flowed. Likewise the Great Lakes region saw an ebb and flow of competing tribes. And let us not forget that the term Wendigo, meaning a pale forest cannibal, was brought out of the Eastern Woodlands by tribes migrating to the Great Plains due to pressure from the region of English-Amerindian contact.

Whiteman and Redman are not terms that were used in the 1500s and 1600s, but Christian and Heathen or Salvage [forest-dweller]. Our color-coated identity was a usurpation of Christian identity by financial interests out of Amsterdam that were not Christian and wished the protection of Christian allies while exploiting heathens and salvages of various complexions. The entire white identity scheme was a trade strategy for a people without a nation, a secularization of Christian identity into white [not European] identity. I'm almost done using the term white. In fact, most of the books I have read were written before there was any such thing as a white man. It is an entirely modern, non-European concept, with no traces in antiquity. The first Indians to meet Europeans called them "spirit-people" because they were impressed with their sailing ships and their guns and iron. Iron was a sacred metal to Eastern Woodland tribes.

We also have had Polynesian and Chinese genetics show up in Native American's DNA. As city slickers and farm boys, we easily forget how mobile Man once was on the sea and that virtually everybody got here before the man who had the map [Columbus] sailed the ocean blue with three tubs full of criminals ejected from Spanish prisons for his mutinous crew.

In the end, there is a reason why Native Americans had no racial stigma attached to intermarriage with Europeans, because we share the same ancient origins, spreading across the same zone of forest and plain in the Northern Hemisphere, taking the easier water passage whenever possible. The part about this I like, is that where once it was the men now identified as "red" who defended this land that I now live in for hundreds of years against encroaching Christians backed by their "co-white" bankers and merchants, in the future, it will be men identified as "white" [even though we are not the absence of color but shades of beige] who shall defend this land against great odds from the invading People of Color backed by their "white" bankers and merchants.

I see what most call white genocide as a chance for our degenerate macro-race to once again be re-forged into vital and meaningful peoples, like our ancestors were, before the bankers got us to forget that we were Welsh, Irish, Scottish, English, Norse and other proud peoples and convinced us that we were whites with rights, when the only right comes from might. The so-called white race has been reigning champion for so long he is vastly overweight and out of shape. The fat bastard now has the rare opportunity to get back to the gym of peoples and defend his honor, if only his fat ass can get off the couch.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

Writing Unchained

Prolific Writing by Design

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SarnathFebruary 5, 2018 5:09 AM UTC

As european im rather dismayed how "white" identity now gets imported by the far left and young journous inspired by american press. In continental europe "white" is still mostly used only as the most general description when appearance matters in some way (this tribe saw a white guy for the first time!) or when we refer to american or southafrican social squabbles.

Now that a substantial african minority of various peoples is forming they get lumped together as black (albeit ive seen some machete waving african rapper from here who objected to this too and preffered to be called bantu as he associated american slavery and rootlessness with being "black") and you can figure out how their aleged opressedness is already analysed by the left and how the group gets defined that is at fault for it. I wonder how they will integrate orientals into the peckingorder of privilege. Not that there isnt "racism". But its different in the oldworld.

If we become like the english whose media seems to have adopted the angloamerican colourcode and the way it reorganises conflict fully it might damage what is left of our ethnic identity even more so as most young people already struggle to associate a meaning to their decayed heritage.

That or it will alienate my generation from that kind of press which uses terms we never grew up with and accepted. How you'll white/euro americans end up to redefine yourself could be exiting but youve run with that term for hundreds of years now and attempting to break this mold seems not like something you could just organise like aquiering a new club membership.
responds:February 5, 2018 10:16 AM UTC

You seem to have a clear view of this divisive issue, which I think is bad for both of the misidentified macro-groups.

I have been suspicious of this white and black setup since childhood, simply because I never met a white person or a black person and suspected it was grownups lying to me. I'd really like to have someone prove to me that I am the same color as my desk, or this coffee mug, or the top on my prescription bottle, or the paper on this memo pad.

I have now read most of the literature of the ancient Greco-Roman world and have found very few uses of either term and only as descriptive, not identitarian labels like today, which reinforces this childhood suspicion that grownups are either deluded idiots or liars.

Add to this, that I am constantly the object of aggression by young black men based on my race and the whole white black construct smells like a rat from here.

I'll publish a follow up piece soon. As the use of these two terms do not come from native Europeans and did not come into use until the 1600s, the case is simple to make.

I don't believe in trying to mold or change the opinions of people, simply finding the truth and showing it to the tiny minority who wish to see it. Even if you and I and others came to agree on this point, we would still have to deal with the vast lie within which we live on its own false terms.
GooseFebruary 2, 2018 1:17 PM UTC

"to once again be re-forged into vital and meaningful peoples, like our ancestors"


Europeans were explorers, organised warriors, and inventors.

In a world that is near fully-explored, where large-scale warfare is checked by the nuclear weapons, and inventions are in service of capital, where do you see Europeans turning for a source of vitality and meaning?
responds:February 3, 2018 7:57 PM UTC

I've written about 40 science fiction stories attempting to address this.

There are three levels, I think:




All of which I am trying to address in fiction, most pointedly in Poet, Sold, Beyond the Pale and Dream Eater.

I would suggest that society's investment in our deracination and emasculation suggests that the System, sees the paleface warrior as its only viable enemy. So it is up to us to discover where our relevance lies in the current spiritual battlespace. The warrior may always scale up and down as needed. Also, it is obvious that the stifling of space exploration was done out of fear of us and what we might do beyond their clutches.

There are also inner pathways ever open