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A Puzzling Ruin
Rise of the Negropolis and other News from Dindustan

Trump’s SOTU Address—Why Democrats Now View American Patriotism As “White Nationalism”

Life in Greater Dindustan Update.

“TORONTO — A 20-year-old man is facing dozens of charges, including seven counts of attempted murder, in what police describe as a string of unprovoked, random shootings in Toronto that narrowly missed being fatal.”

Toronto police are of course mystified as to what would inspire this young man to shoot at people randomly and without any apparent provocation. One should keep in that the World Health Organization (WHO ) of the United Nations (UN) has determined the one third of all Somalis are mentally ill. Perhap this perp is in need of the Somali hyena cure to drive out the evil spirits possessing him and causing him to act out violently.

Man faces 48 charges in string of random Toronto shootings


Somalia and the Hyena Cure

Adam Abdi, 20, is facing 48 charges in total, including seven for attempted murder. - Photo courtesy Toronto Police

Drug War Update.

Stoner nation. Take your next ‘soma holiday’ in Las Vegas…while supplies last.

Nevada sold out of legal marijuana so quickly that the governor endorsed a 'statement of emergency'

Mad World Update.

Children forced to eat dog feces; caregivers charged

Bitchez Be Crazy Update.

Girl Power. Bitchez gotta get into the act now, eh?

Actually the very first school shooting in the U.S.A. was perpetrated by a 16 year-old white girl in 1979: Brenda Ann Spencer.

Her answer as to why she committed the murders inspired Bob Geldof to write a song.

Teen sentenced to 20 years in alleged school attack plot

The Boomtown Rats - I don’t like Mondays

Cleveland Elementary School Shooting, San Diego, CA 1979

Harm City Update.

The Guns of Harm City.

VID | Officer-involved shooting in downtown Baltimore Saturday

Come on in, the water’s fine.

Study: orcas can imitate human speech

He chimped out.

“Hey cracker I’m talkin’ to you!”

Like James always tells us, don’t verbally engage.

Monkey hates when zoo visitor turns back on him


Went out like Melvin Purvis he did.

Hamas co-founder dies after accidentally shooting himself in face, militant group says

Harm City News.

James, seriously now, you ought to apply for a grant from ABC for recording the history and ethnography of Harm City as it transitions into a negropolis. At the rate the city is going in twenty or thirty years nobody else there will be able to read and write. But for your efforts at chronicling the decline of ‘A Once Great Medieval City’ Baltimore will surely end up much like Tikal or Great Zimbabwe: a mysterious set of ruins to puzzle future generations.

Jeremy, this will cut out some white martial arts instructors I know who wanted to help provide mentoring for black youth—sealing their doom. Liberal Dracula only has so much patience for his ebony Renfeld.

Baltimore Spending Panel to Grant Associated Black Charities Control of City’s $12M Youth Fund

Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious

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