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Profiling Harm City
Extrapolating Baltimore’s January Murder Rate

Based in the last two years, January has provided a fairly accurate model for the following 11 months in aggregate. It is never the most deadly month but is never at the bottom of the list

26 kills in 31 Days break down likes so:

Distribution: killings in all 9 precincts, weighted just west of the municipal center

Method: 23 shootings, 1 stabbing, 1 asphyxation, 1 unknown

Gender: 23 male, 3 female

Race: 16 black, 0 white, 0 Asian, 0 Hispanic, 10 race unknown

Lighting: 9 Day, 5 dusk [*5-7 p.m.], 12 night

I am predicting 320 kills over the course of 2018, as urban flight and criminal resettlement continue to export violent crime into the surrounding municipalities.

*Low lighting, combined with high prey count make this the deadliest time of day.

The Logic of Steel Paperback


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