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Beating Yourself to Death
Table Scraps #4

Things are looking down!


Wasn’t this where the trainload of GOP Congressmen AND THEIR FAMILIES was headed just before they ran into the lone dumptruck?


This is the bonfire I found it where it’s just the story their talking about

I'm not too sure who this guy is on Rogan’s podcast but it’s pretty interesting.


Cultural Revolution Wins Again


Probably not the same Douglas Haig who commanded the British expeditionary force in WWI.


Damn, this [Vegas shooting] keeps stinking worse but the national nostrils are clogged with cocaine residue.

The Black James LaFond


Boy Friend Pillow for Feminists

“Even the pillow is half a man.”


Vietnam Veteran: John Hugh O'Connor [Part 1]

Notice how atomized this soldier was, used as an interchangeable digit by the Army with very little training and no organic unit cohesion.

Tucker Carlson and Jordan Peterson REACT to the VIRAL Cathy Newman Interview

Save the Embarrassment

Sounds Like He Was Teaching Himself Judo

The first step is learning how to fall properly.


Sounds like Jason Statham caught him torturing a child.

Books by James LaFond

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