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What is the Latest Harm City Breakdown of Aggression by Type?


In the last section of "Logic of Force" your study cited " Approximately 45 percent of the acts of violence resulted from unarmed attacks or blunt weapon aggression."

Do you have any data with regard to the percentage of edged weapon or firearm use in your study which I could read / share?


Robert aka Bob

That is mostly in The Logic Of Steel and since that is an expensive books here are the basic numbers, Bob.

Below are my latest assessments, based on the original study updated in the latest Harm City books, with the book in which the original work was done and the baselines established named in brackets next to the rate of occurrence and the adjustment over the 18 years since the study, which was originally conducted between Spring of 1996 and Summer of 2000.

Firearms: 10%, no change [When You're Food]

Edged: 13%, slight increase, +2% [Logic of Steel]

Blunt weapons: 14%, slight increase, +1% [Logic of Force]

Mass aggressions: 56%, huge increase, +27% [When You're Food]

Mutual combats: 7%, huge decrease -33% [The Fighting Edge]

-Every trend indicates antisocial devolution of the civic space into a predatory hunting space.

-Note that virtually all self-defense and martial arts training is devoted to mutual combat, and that most [non SWAT] police training is devoted to using firearms, control grappling and disabling weapons as members of a team of aggressors with superior numbers, meaning that almost nobody out there is prepared for what is coming their way.

Hope that helps.

The Logic of Steel Paperback


The Logic of Force


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LynnFebruary 7, 2018 12:57 AM UTC

You know I love being your unpaid intern, but what you really need is a grad student to get your handwritten notes into a database for proper analysis.
responds:February 8, 2018 4:09 AM UTC

That would be cool—but wouldn't they get expelled?