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Gravity Sucks
And Other Secrets of the Cosmos with Jeremy Bentham

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

“A third of Baltimore Police recruits set to leave the academy and hit the streets lack a basic understanding of the laws governing constitutional policing and are being pushed through by the department nonetheless, according to the academy’s head of legal instruction. “We’re giving them a badge and a gun tomorrow, the right to take someone’s liberty, ultimately the right to take someone’s life if it calls for it, and they have not demonstrated they can meet [basic] constitutional and legal standards,” said Sgt. Josh Rosenblatt Friday.”

“… But Rosenblatt, an attorney by training, said in an interview with The Baltimore Sun that 17 of those 50 recruits failed to pass scenario-based practical tests on legal standards related to basic police work, such as the need for probable cause before making arrests. He said all did pass eventually, but only after he and other legal instructors were removed from administering the tests.”

James, James, this must be an ‘Onion’ spoof! I don’t understand why this should be a source of concern since all experience has taught us that the law in Baltimore is observed more in the breach than in the observance anyway. By EVERYONE. The putative enforcers of said law no less than anyone else.

Jeremy, the question is, when this fucker gets killed by a guy in a black hoodie, are the FBI also going to decline to investigate his death?


A Third Of Baltimore Police Recruits Can’t Pass Tests On Basic Legal Standards

Apocalypse Update.

Will they need Lidar to find Harm City in another century or two?

“Researchers have found more than 60,000 hidden Maya ruins in Guatemala in a major archaeological breakthrough.”

Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle

“Why do hunters have to shoot the ducks? I would think the fall would kill them.”

-Red Skelton

Dead goose falls from sky, KOs hunter

The serial killers who terrorized Canadians

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

…No they didn’t feed her into a wood-chipper.

'Womb raider' gets life, no parole for killing pregnant neighbor

Thunder down under. Why can’t we all just get along?

HUG IT OUT, BRO: Fist fight on Australian train ends in manly embrace

Facebook Video

Eddie ChauMore from Eddie Chau

Published: February 2, 2018

Updated: February 2, 2018 5:08 PM EST

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A viral video depicts two men brawling on an Australian train. The fight ended with a bro hug. (Facebook)

3 charged in fatal Gambrills shooting

Updated: 12:41 PM EST Feb 2, 2018

Shamar Terrence Hamm, Celeste Maureen Long, Dwayne Stephen Commock

SOURCE: Anne Arundel County police


Anne Arundel County police have arrested two men and a woman in connection with a fatal shooting Sunday in Gambrills that stemmed from an armed robbery.

Watch an MMA fighter knock himself out in the first round

Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

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Jeremy BenthamFebruary 7, 2018 12:37 PM UTC

Good point Bob. Yes, way back when the lenses in eyeglasses were made of glass it was dangerous to wear glasses in a fist fight, since if a lens was shattered by a blow or a fall it could very well drive shards of glass into your eyeball. I saw just exactly that happen in a karate tournament in 1974. In a black belt free sparring match one competitor who was wearing eyeglasses was hit squarely between the eyes with a textbook roundhouse kick. The kick alone was enough to knock the daylights out of the man and his glasses flew in pieces. He collapsed in a heap with blood running from his eye. The officials quickly swarmed onto the mat and carried the injured man away. One wonders why he thought it was safe to wear glasses in the match? Perhaps because the rules forbade face contact he was lulled into complacency. Oh well, lesson learned. Nowadays however, most eyeglass lenses are made of shatterproof material like Lexan. Lexan is even capable of stopping birdshot fired from a shotgun. So if your eyeglasses have Lexan lenses they could in fact give your eyes some measure of protection. Then the only danger would be if the frame broke driving pieces into your eyes/face and/or rendering the eyeglasses unusable. If you have seriously bad eyesight and your glasses break then you could be in trouble. Like the FBI agent who was shot and killed in the 'Miami Massacre' of 1986 because he lost his glasses in the car crash and could not see the perps to shot at them. Ironically enough that agent was the best shot of all the agents present. If your eyesight is that bad it's best to do what Teddy Roosevelt did and always carry extra pairs of glasses on you when go into action. Wearing or having on your person athletic eyeglasses with a head band to keep them in place might be a good idea as well. I know people generally don't want to wear ugly and unfashionable 'birth control glasses' on an everyday basis. However you must frankly assess the threat and consider having a durable set of corrective eyewear on you at all times if you're blind as a bat without corrective lenses. Even if you normally wear contact lenses. They can get knocked off your face or driven into your eye too.
BobFebruary 5, 2018 8:24 PM UTC

"Bro-hug" was interesting. Wearing spectacles and confronting an angry man is dangerous. On the other hand, taking them off telegraphs that it's *on*. Leave them on to signal non-combativeness and go preemptive as Magoo did, or remove them, invite an attack to be defended from a seated position?

Magoo had four good eyes at bout's end and so won, I guess, but was magnanimous about it (man-hugs aren't my thing).