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Listening to a Shooting
10:22 P.M. 2/4/18

Four minutes ago 2 twelve gauge shotgun rounds boomed two streets over and a block to the east, then 2 more, then a fifth.

Silence—I assumed they were reloading or leaving the scene.

2 minutes ago one more round popped off and I hear the sirens still, that have been converging on that spot from east and south.

A car door slamming hard from two streets over and another siren is heard, making three, with the first now silent—I assume creeping through the area, block to block.

It has been five minutes and there is now only the sound of one distant siren.

Six minutes in, a distant siren still, and engine gunning one street over—maybe doing 60 in the rain-slick dark of the side street.

Opening my window at 10:28

10:29, silence other than a still distant siren and a pickup driving down my street.

10:30, another truck and a car drive up my street-a third car.

10:3, nothing

10: 32, I hear a siren give one bleep four streets over. Two more cars drive by on the rain-slick secondary street below my window.

10:33, nothing

10:34-36, silence except for some cars rolling by.

I am guessing this was an Eagles fan celebrating their Superbowl win.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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