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European Military PR Videos
Reviewed by Teutonic Fist
That USMC video ‘Moving Toward The Sounds Of Chaos’ is the gayest I’ve seen since this gayass British Muslim recruitment video. And they were on such a good path with their "battle in the mind" series of ads.
If you wanna join the Royal Marines meet your nearest recruiter in Cuckex Cuckingshire for a free Islamic sensitivity training course.
And the Russian army is in bitter need for some positive PR.
Cause in the Russian army you get beaten and sodomized by gay officers who beats you even more if he cuts his dick on the rock hard end product Russian army rations produce.
The German recruitment videos ain't better. Half of them are female testimonials and it shows the female testimonials in the male roles as pilots and infantry while the male ones are doing logistics and desk work.
Compare that to the Islamists "Bring it on"
"This is how we are and our enemy is weak waaaarrrgh!!!"
I knew some German army personal that got in trouble because they were watching ISIS videos in the IT room the whole day along the lines of "hey I wanna join up with these guys! there are probably more white people than in any western army!"
On the Ground Aid
Just remembered that article,
How it goes when the b̶̶r̶̶a̶̶v̶̶e̶ the few US Marines bring aid
packages to those desperately needy.
"Every person in the mob seemed to be arguing with every other person. Giving in to impulses to push themselves forward and push others away, shouting Iraqis were propelled in circles. A short, plump, bald man sank in the roil. A small boy, red-faced and crying, was crushed between two bellowing fat men. An old man was trampled trying to join the fray."
Have you ever seen Desert Storm footage of Iraqi POW that get some biscuits given to them and immediately start to argue and lash at one another with their hands in some threatening posts? LoL these people are a circus.
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