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Grandad, What was a Gun?
By Fred Beare

Here are some good articles about the end of guns in America, at least if Civil War 2.0 does not occur soon:

This is a detailed study of what you can do now, to protect your guns before we end up castrated like the Aussies were in 1996. As we can see from their articles at this site, the poor bastards have been driven mad.

I did not particularly like this Christian survivalist site, but recently they have done some excellent work, which I cannot disagree with:

“Demographics Is Destiny

More than any other factor, the inevitable death of the RKBA is ensured by the changing demographics of the United States. Three demographic trends are permanently altering the political landscape: third world immigration, the passing of the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers, and the political shift to the left.

Immigration Trends

America has always been a nation of immigrants. In the nineteenth century, most immigrants came from Europe and brought with them the Judeo-Christian ethic. More importantly, early immigrants to the United States assimilated into our distinct American culture and, for the most part, adopted the social morays and cultural affinities of their new homeland. Often these immigrants were escaping totalitarianism, religious oppression, or economic collapse and were eager to become Americans.

Beginning in the late 20th century immigration patterns and attitudes began to change. By design, the majority of immigrants were coming from Central and South America, East Asia, and the Middle East. The top 10 sending countries in 2014/2015 were: Mexico, China, India, Philippines, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Iraq, El Salvador, and Pakistan. To make matters worse, under the banner of multiculturalism, assimilation is now discouraged, or in the case of Muslim communities, opposed.

From Melting Pot to Salad Bowl

The “melting pot” has become a “salad bowl”. The overwhelming majority of these immigrants are politically aligned with the American left and leftist ideology opposed to individual liberty. Rather than being taught about the benefits of individual liberty, they are importing the ideologies that made their home countries such “fantastic” places to live.


Contributing to this demographic change is the passing of the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers, who are now aged 55 to 75. This voting block represented the margin of victory that delivered “conservative” majorities that we now enjoy. However, the next decade will replace half of these voters with a new crop of functional illiterates born around 2008. The resulting shift to the political left will be more than enough to change the balance of power in the U.S. A single statistic courtesy of the Pew Research Center tells the story in 2015: Americans ages 50+ were 76.5% non-Hispanic whites. In the same year children nine years old and under were 50.5% non-Hispanic whites. By 2025, 50% of eligible new voters will be non-Hispanic whites. If the voting patterns of the last 60 years continue into the future, the Democrats will control the Federal government for generations.

The Political Shift Left: Et Tu, Texas?

Much like the American Redoubt, my home state of Texas is a considerable conservative enclave within the United States. With 38 electoral votes, Texas is second only to California in the Electoral College. It is considered by most Americans as Deep Red country, with strong conservative majorities at the Federal and State level. But voting patterns in Texas are changing. Due to legal and illegal immigration, the graying of white America, and the increasing urbanization of the Texas population, it is projected that Texas will be a blue state in 2028. This single demographic shift is sufficient to permanently change the results of Presidential Elections past 2028. If Texas only has a decade remaining, how long until your state is blue?”

Fucking shit! I live in Texas too, and this sent cold shivers down my spine. We are in deep shit brothers. Even my AR 15 was weeping. My Glock did not want to comment.

As a Christian I can understand John Saxon’s frustration with the suicidal trend of the mainstream churches, but I see this as part of a general civilization collapse and decadence, rather than the product of Christianity, and not much is served by crying into the wilderness. The Christian Conquistadors, and US cowboys of 1870 would be stunned, and embarrassed, to see the present decline of the West. Whether we are Christians or Odinists, or whatever, we must return to the way of the warrior, or we are doomed, doomed, doomed. Lord Jesus give us all strength to fight this battle as a band of brothers, or else:

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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Sam J.February 11, 2018 2:01 AM UTC

"...Most Americans today don’t realize how influential the Socialist Party was in the country 100 years ago..."

I don't think you can prove that all Socialism means anti-White. Hitler was a Socialist. Just because some socialist are anti-White doesn't mean they all are. I see Socialism as a counter to predatory Bankster Monopoly Capitalism which we have a lot of now. Certainly as anti-white as they come.

We need a balance of each.
Jeremy BenthamFebruary 9, 2018 1:48 PM UTC

“Norwegians don’t like to be entertained.” – Garrison Keillor

Bob you misunderstand. I do not dispute the good qualities of Norwegians, as you have described. What I am saying is that all those putative good qualities are canceled out by the fact that they all socialists and globalists now (like nearly all other Western European). If they immigrated to America they invariably would become ‘enlightened Goodwhites’, Democrat voters, and they would vote for all the policies that are currently destroying our great land. They would be no different from third world immigrants in that regard. Fortunately it appears most Norwegians don’t want to come to America. It’s not enough of a social welfare nanny state to suit them.

"Why Would We Come?" Norwegians Respond to Trump's Immigration Offer”

“Of course people from #Norway would love to move to a country where people are far more likely to be shot, live in poverty, get no healthcare because they’re poor, get no paid parental leave or subsidized daycare and see fewer women in political power. #Shithole”

To those Norwegians I say, good! Stay where you are! Stay the hell away from America! It’s a stupid, evil, racist place, where everyone has guns. You would just further infect us with your penchant for PC bureaucratic dullness and vote to abolish white America, as so many of your co ethnic predecessors are doing in Minnesota. Read Refugee Resettlement Watch.

By the way Bob, we cannot blame socialism and communism in America completely on the Jews. The German immigrants were big time supporters of Marxist Socialism Most Americans today don’t realize how influential the Socialist Party was in the country 100 years ago. The Socialist Party ran Milwaukee for most of the first half of the 20th Century. Milwaukee’s social democracy worked well with Germans running it. But then the last Socialist Party Mayor, Frank Zeidler (, encouraged blacks from the rural south to settle in the city. So now 21st Century Milwaukee is a black majority crime-ridden Hell-hole just like B’more, Memphis and ST Louis. With a homogenous group of hard working conscientious white people you can make a social welfare nanny state work after a fashion. The socialist bureaucracy inflicts a lot of over-bearing stupidity and disincentives for working and creating wealth on its citizens, but with a homogenous white majority it still remains a civilized form of stupidity (like Norway and Sweden). But with a majority population of people of color the welfare state quickly becomes uncivilized, predatory and parasitic stupidity. Not ‘Wakanda’, nosiree.
BobFebruary 8, 2018 1:05 AM UTC

Mr. Bentham's points are well taken. But dusting off my cranial calipers, I must respectively disagree with the proposition that Norwegians immigrants would - net - be no less a burden on the public purse than Africans or Maghrebis. Norway's high per capita income and speaks to a reasonable degree of productivity and stewardship, notwithstanding the welfare-state burden. Ethnic Norwegians' high average IQ doesn't guarantee material success, but it removes a physical impediment to its achievement. And even were they of similar intelligence to Mexicans, etc., they don't have the same extended family structure, gangs and ethnic bloc voting. (Southern Italians, as you point out, replicated these extended family, home-country crime patterns abroad).

Marxism and communism were, however, not German imports, but imports from German Jews. Morgan Freiheit was the largest communist newspaper in America and it was in Yiddish. Diaspora Jews still overwhelmingly vote left.
Jeremy BenthamFebruary 7, 2018 1:56 PM UTC

Good point Mr. Beare. Demography is destiny. This mass migration into the country cannot help but change the country forever. Regardless of whether one believes this is good or bad. At the rate we are going America is going to become just another poor Spanish speaking country by the end of the century. Canada looks like it eventually will come to resemble Indonesia "without the sunshine". It has always been portrayed to us that immigration has been a net benefit for America. But that's not really true. Even the immigrants of the 19th Century did not assimilate completely and brought many bad ideas and bad practices with them that plague our country to this day. For example, from the Irish we got corrupt 'machine' politics, from the Germans we got Marxist Socialism and Communism, from the Italians we got secretive and disciplined organized crime gangs that have proven to be impossible to eradicate. Combine just those three practices with millions of African-Americans imbued with pernicious feelings of grievance and entitlement and you have the ruinous situation we currently have in all of America's major cities. American is a settled country now so immigration of every sort needs to end. Automation in manufacturing, agriculture and services in particular makes mass immigration obsolete. Uncontrolled illegal immigration especially is a virulent threat to the future stability and prosperity of the country. Of course the Democrat Party supports mass immigration, both illegal and legal, because they have made the calculation that they need for there to be a permanent impoverished underclass in America in order for them to win elections and dominate the nation's politics. The Republicans have in the main been bought off by big business interests who want a continuous supply of cheap labor. Whether in a meat packing plant or a software company. Those businesses will demand cheap immigrant labor right up to the very instant they replace all those immigrant laborers with robots. Then they will become someone else's problem, natch. Further as you have alluded too, these new immigrants in general do not possess the same reverence for the right to keep and bear arms us 'natives' do. Not to mention the fact that they are being imported precisely because they can be counted on to support big government tax and spend social welfare policies over small government laisses faire polices. Immigrants from 'Norway' are in the aggregate no less dangerous in that regard than the ones from Latin America, the Middle East, East Asia and Africa.
BobFebruary 7, 2018 12:26 AM UTC

The Aussie gun-grab was a suspicious and sinister event. The kulaks must die! (All over again).
BobFebruary 6, 2018 11:22 PM UTC

Excellent summary, marred by only one unfortunate imprecision:

"Beginning in the late 20th century immigration patterns and attitudes began to change."

This is the wrong nuance. The watershed immigration reform of 1965 was not subject to popular vote for the very reason that it never would have passed. Rather, the tireless and prolonged efforts of Emanuel Celler and many, many Jewish *activist* groups are what changed patterns, and thanks to their heavy presence in media and academia, attitudes.

Not an organic, consensual evolution, but an organized and unilaterally-imposed one. It didn't happen, it was done.
PRFebruary 6, 2018 10:24 PM UTC

Living in California, this keeps me up at night as well. His warnings and advice should all be heeded.

Demographics is destiny until it is not. The US is about 10 years away from a major pension crisis which has already started in some states like Illinois. We are $20 trillion in debt and social security will be unfunded in 2034. The nation-state era is thankfully ending.

As our civilization approaches its eschaton, there may be guns-aplenty. When Canada passed its gun registration, I believe there was widespread non-compliance.

THere are 400 million guns on the American continent. Even with incremental changes, it will be difficult for the government to snatch them all up.