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‘Please Stop Pissing on M—Gurgle’
Shithole Nation Updates with Jeremy Bentham

World War Update.

“Spartans! Prepare for Glory!"

The Marines are being proactive in their recruiting efforts. It makes sense since many American young people are physically and/or morally unsuitable for military service, even by World War II standards. At the beginning of World War II most recruits for the military were under-weight. Especially after ten years of the Depression. Now most are extremely over-weight. Many are on drugs or have such long and serious criminal records even the Foreign Legion wouldn’t take them anymore. Many underperform academically so much that they are ineligible for the sought after high-tech Military Occupation Specialties (MOS). Plus there is a huge failure and separation rate in first term enlistees, approaching some 50% in the first year. Some, like Riddick Bowe, decide they don’t like not being in control of their own daily schedule and want to quit and go home. So basically future prospects for military service will need a lot of preparation and mentoring to become eligible for enlistment.

Since most teachers these days are flaming liberals and generally hostile to the idea of military service it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Maybe creating greater understanding of military service will make them view it more favorably or maybe it will just sour them on the idea all the more.

See the video.

Maryland educators take on Marine boot camp to become ambassadors for students

Race War Update.

Dig the photograph of the protesters. You’re a racist slaver if you don’t let them freeload off you.

Israel begins telling African migrants to leave

Apocalypse Update.

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

- Adolf Hitler

"The Shaming of America is a prelude to the Shakedown of America."

-Dinesh De Souza, ‘America’ 2014

"Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them."

-Margret Thatcher (Thames TV, 2/5/1976)

“I tired to put my broken world into perspective and understand this new world about me. I systematically studied the literature the Russians made available to us. I listened to their lectures, I talked to German communists, I studied the books in our library by Marx, Lenin and Stalin. I read other literature as well, but I could not convince myself that Bolshevik socialism was anything more than a clever scheme to keep a small group of elitists in power. I felt that if Germany accepted their political system, we would be exchanging a bad system for a worse one.”

-From Soldat by Siegfried Knappe

White Genocide. It’s a lead pipe cinch that people of color around the world are NOT refusing to have children because they are worried that global warming will make the surface of the earth as hot as that of the planet Venus, in their own lifetimes even.

The global warming/climate change canard is the basis of the argument for redistributing America’s wealth around the world. Of course the dichotomy is that it is American white people that create all the wealth the Globalist Left wants to redistribute. So if while they’re spreading America’s wealth around they convince the whites to commit democide, they will soon run out of that wealth. This just illustrates that it is common place for the Left to engage in self-sabotage, to promote policies that contradict and work at cross purposes to each other. This doesn’t bother the Globalist Left because what they want most is power. To rule society. If the society they end up ruling over is a shithole, so what? THEY will be safely ensconced in their palaces where their every need will be met. Destroying Western civilization will in fact create the conditions that will allow the Globalists to rule. Beside common people consuming resources and living a modern middle class lifestyle is destroying the Mother Earth. So for the Globalist Left it’s better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.

No Children Because of Climate Change? Some People Are Considering It

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Invasion USA!

DHS record: Illegal immigrant deported 44 times in 15 years

“Invasion USA” Trailer - 1985

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

The Parents Of This Dead Robber Are Really Mad His Victim Had A Gun

Mad World Update.

Must have been bothered by the thought of the infant growing up an orphan. What a humanitarian, eh?

Police: Man stabs couple to death, returns to kill their baby one day later

Mad World Update.

“Why do I get the feeling that a Oz’s Current Affair program chose to highlight “Joe” due to the fact that he’s the most “extreme member” of the citizen militia? Perhaps for the same reason put the problem at the end of the article instead of the front (corrected here).”

“This story’s “shock” value can be traced to the fact that Australia’s mainstream media views armed self-defense — whether it’s with a gun or a crossbow — as madness. Madness I tell you! Madness!”

“…I guess the fact that innocent lives are already at risk doesn’t figure. Not when you live in a disarmed society.”

Australians with Baseball Bats, Nail Guns, Knuckle Dusters – This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace

‘Baseball bats, nail guns, knuckle dusters’: Inside Melbourne’s suburban militia

Harm City Update.

Man is slashed in the face and neck with a box-cutter at Maryland bus stop after asking 'drunk' illegal immigrant to stop urinating in public

• Salvador Gomez-Lopez, 46, was arrested on two counts of assault, public intoxication and possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure

• Victim said he was waiting at Wheaton Metro bus turnaround, Montgomery County, at 11pm on November 30, when he saw his attacker urinating

• When he suggested Gomez-Lopez use a bathroom, his attacker allegedly pulled out a box-cutter knife and attacked him

• The victim, who has not been named, was rushed to hospital with severe lacerations to his neck, face and stomach, and is expected to survive

• Gomez-Lopez was arrested and ICE have since 'lodged a detainer' after revealing that the suspect is a wanted fugitive, in the country illegally from El Salvador

Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

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