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The Purge Spreads
Jeremy & James on the Return of Colin Flaherty

He's Only Got One Horse to Kick...

But it Ain’t Dead Yet and His Irish Ass Don’t Fall Out

Jeremy, this is true cosmopolitan life, because this is how it has been in black neighborhoods since fathers were removed and the mammas married the government, en masse, in the 1960s.We are in late stage anarcho-tyranny and none of us even realized we were subject to the process until very recently. When it comes to terrorizing sissy suburban palefaces the dindu is the conscienceless government cudgel par excellence. The drug-fueled and feminist driven emasculation of the paleface has lead to this, to a bunch of mongrelized idiots who can't even fight, terrorizing a population of sissies and dopefiends. The death of America was and is and will be engineered from beginning to end in its public schools. The only thing guaranteed to result in social disintegration is public schools—period. No society has survived them culturally intact.

Race War Update.

Colin Flaherty is back, and here's what he says about YouTube – Daily Kenn – Kenn Gividen

Revealing the denial, deceit and delusion about rampant black mob violence.

Race War/ Life in Dindustan Update.

The ‘Talk' for young white people: When large groups of blacks show up, it’s time to leave. Now!

“Why is the media hushed?”

“Black brawls occur routinely across America. Their occurrence is so frequently that they cannot be considered news. Were the media to report every black brawl, there would be little or no time to cover other news events.”

Colin Flaherty revealed in an interview with Kenn Gividen that in news search engines like Google, ‘brawls’ are no longer listed. There would end up being way too many of them listed, all involving black people. That would ruin the narrative that black people are not inordinately responsible for violent crime in the country, and give the lie to the Leftist apologist counter- argument that ‘white people do it too’ (except nobody can seem to find the videos of American whites ‘doing it too’). Colin also pointed out that if you use the phrase ‘large fight’ as the entry argument in a Google news search you will be inundated with news stories of group brawls involving black people across the land. In the neighborhood of 50 per day. Enjoy!

Massive Brawls Erupt Across the Nation, Media Silent – Daily Kenn

Police charge four more for involvement in Perry Hall High School fight

‘Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit!...’ Facebook Video of a large fight at Riverside High School in Milwaukee, WI (AKA New Somalia)

The Logic of Steel Paperback


The Logic of Force


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BobFebruary 8, 2018 10:09 PM UTC

Flaherty does yeoman's work in raising awareness of the incidence of black violence. Necessary but not sufficient. Even more important than the proximate problem of black violence on whites is its ultimate cause - the Jewish activists and organizations that continue to foment, hide and rationalize this delinquency at the same time stigmatizing any attempt by whites to mount a group defense.

The gunman, not the gun!