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Barbarism vs Civilization
Teutonic Fist & James LaFond on Youthful Rebellion

Referring to: Public School Delusion

Teutonic Fist

“Fuck You, Dad!”

You said in that episode that until the 60s there was never this rebellion against parents in culture and I beg to differ. I won't quote the Sumerians , the Chaldeans, the Babylonians, the old testament, the Romans, or the countless medieval monks and prophets who all spoke about how disrespectful the youth is towards their elders, I think you know what I'm getting at her, but one of the most popular examples before the 60s yuppie program "kill your parents because they are your oppressors"(Jerry Rubin) was this one movie the Nazis made "Hitlerjunge Quex", about a boy whose dad is a communist and the boy joins the Nazis and in the end the dad sees the light and becomes also a Nazi, like if it ever happened in history that the dad adopts the views of the son.

Point is, especially the Nazis were an anti-elder movement and the "fuck you dad" was strong among them. Hitler had a piece of shit dad for example and the most brutal brownshirts were the once who grew up without dad cause he died in the war. There was a study done on this by the Jewish social scientist Theodor Abel he wrote the book "Why Hitler came to power" and he figured out, without understanding the facts at that time, that the absence father figure breed the most violent types of men. I wrote about that stuff years ago and that’s also why Molyneux Moneyjew was always such a Dope to me with his "Parents are oppressors maaaan" bullshit just cause his whore of a mother kicked him out and sometimes, sometimes the boy needs the rod. Or at least the threat potential of the rod. Just as governments get hated for their weakness and not their wickedness, a dad gets despised by his son not for violence, but for weakness.


Thanks for pointing out my gross compression of human history and for that matter, prehistory. This is a tendency I have when talking, which has led me to write rather than stand on a podium. I was speaking specifically of the impressions I got of life in Baltimore from 4 generations who didn’t rebel in my family. I didn’t rebel against my father but the school he was legally bound to send me to.

You bring up a much more important view on this. So, your examples in mind, let’s established “Fuck you, Dad,” paradigm shifts in what one generation believes is right being opposed to what its parents believed.

1. This does not exist in pre-civilized societies.

2. This phenomena appears in civilized societies in crises, when a technology, religion, ideology or other socially disruptive force is brought into play, breaking the already heavily stressed family ties, as all civilizations damage family cohesion to one degree or another at the outset and over time.

3. Modernity, as seen in the reeducation and conversion of primitives most starkly, is a type of civilization devoted to the atomization of the individual by the destruction of his organic support system, the family.

4. As you pointed out, in the 1960s, American Leftists and the entire governmental establishment simply repeated earlier examples of father hatred. I believe this was a conscious repetition of earlier initiatives, which began with public schools in 1800s America.

5. Father hatred comes about in decadent societies, either civilizations more than 200 years old or in primitive societies compromised by civilized intrusion. Your thesis is perfectly correct in identifying the same reason for fathers and states being despised by their youth. I would throw in faith as well, with many religions having taken on a patriarchal role, replacing the human father with the divine father, often in service to a civilization that had targeted the society in question for the purpose of colonization. It is no accident that Great Spirit and Great Father entered the Native American consciousness after missionary colonization began, and not before.

6. This cyclic pattern of colonized and civilized [internally colonized] societies rejecting the values of the degenerate father and then reacting in a hyper-masculine role generally seas a rise of a father figure [Constantine, Sitting Bull, Hitler] and or a paternal divinity, such as under Constantine.

Thanks for helping me reframe an off-the cuff statement into something useful. I suspect [although it might be giving too much credit] that those who engineered the final destruction of the American family in the 1960s, were consciously operating with an understanding of these factors as seen in history and that those ancient turning away of peoples sons from the ways of their fathers were activities shepherded by an opposing and rising alternative “priesthood” feeding off the weakening of civilized society into complaisant degeneracy, which always occurs.

TF, I’d like to use this discussion as an introduction to Barbarism vs Civilization, which is where I intend to focus the rest of my non-fiction writing on masculinity. Feel free to follow up on our thoughts.

Under the God of Things

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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JoeFourFebruary 10, 2018 12:51 PM UTC

Mark Twain is alleged to have commented about his leaving home around age 18 and returning home some five years later: "I was amazed at how much my father had learned during my absence!"
Sam J.February 10, 2018 1:01 AM UTC

"...which began with public schools in 1800s America..."

I think this is very relevant. Large combined high schools make in essence a new tribe or peer group outside of society while in it. Kids have always been rebellious but if they have continuous contact with the family they can be shown instantly every time they issue some silly assed utterance that they are wrong and are not looking at the big picture which they don't have the maturity to understand yet. This feedback makes them realize that...they actually don't know everything like they thought because, they don't.

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