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Shit from Shit Holes
for Shit Fights for Shitholes By American Psycho

This is from, and it may help survivalists who are worried about running out of ammo:

“What is the deadliest thing that I can load into a shotgun? The answer:

I'll say immediately, this isn't a joke answer, nor am I giving it because ‘in theory', it could be the most devastating load. It has been done SO many times in history, up to and including the first Gulf War.

Anyhow. If you want the shit to hit the fan for ANY oncoming army or foe, then put the human faeces into the barrel of your tank or your larger bored gun.

I kid you not. The shear impact on moral of a squad and even an army, can be taken down in minutes if you fire your crap into the face of your target. Ok, so forget that you are destroying frontline moral. Human crap is nasty and infectious. A little bit, touching the lips, eyes, nose ...what are referred to as ‘soft entry points', can infect with cholera, various forms of viruses and deadly bacteria that can spread to others with little or no trouble.

Vietnam. The VC smeared their crap in simple spiked sticks, put them pointing upwards into a hole and put a cover on it. They were called pungy sticks. The poor bastard that trod on the hole cover would lose his foot down into the hole and the sticks would stab through his legs, foot, even wearing boots. These sticks were Bamboo don't forget.

Both world wars. Tank crews on both sides were recorded as having turned to shoving fabric like trousers, underpants, just plain loose crap, into the barrels of the tanks when ammo was short. They'd fire it at the enemy, at the area where they were hiding. You have infection and diseases. You have serious moral damage. But think about what happens first. You take a face full of crap, you're freaking out and vomiting like a drain pipe. You can't return fire or shoot back if you're vomiting and doubled over with excruciating stomach pains and diahrea.

Infecting an army behind the walls of a fort by throwing the rotting bodies over the walls, by catapulting them over the walls is thousands of years old.

Dropping a rotting corpse / animal into the water supply to a village is called poisoning the well. Ammunition in terms of bullets and cartridges can run out. Human crap and infectious wounds can last indefinitely. Just have fabric brushed into them and then the fabric can be sent over the lines.

Bullets Are Fleeting. Turds Are Eternal!”

Long live “Turd America”!

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Turd America

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BobFebruary 11, 2018 5:30 AM UTC

In Chile they used to load up the armored water cannon vehicles ("guanacos") with untreated sewerage. Pinochet knew a thing or two about crowd dispersion.

I believe Israelis use some foul-smelling analogue to stink up houses belonging to Palestinian combatants or their sympathizers/family.
SketterFebruary 10, 2018 10:52 AM UTC

I recall one battle I had read about that they were catapulting heads of their enemies when they had ran out of ammunition! It might of been in a book that James had mention awhile back.