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Not Getting Boned in Baltimore...
...While Attending Johns Hopkins University


Hope all is well with you and the books are coming along.

An idea for a blog post comes from the fact that one of my son's friends has been accepted to John Hopkins University. Not sure how aware he is of the troubles in Baltimore but a do's and don'ts post for a JH University student would be interesting.


-First, being male at Hopkins cuts your chance of being victimized in half. Nobody dangerous wants to fuck you.

-Second, live on campus in dedicated, secure student housing. Off campus housing around Hopkins is dangerous. You are talking about the Charles Street corridor, in which such houses converted into apartments typically have basement wash facilities which have to be accessed by going outside and down a shaded walk way into the back or side.

-Never, ever take a bus or light rail.

-Take an Uber, not a cab. Cabs are targeted for violence with passengers onboard.

-Date women by meeting them, not escorting them, unless you are hardcore white trash.

-Do not pair up with a sissy for security. That only puts you between him and his predators.

-Charles Street itself is safe so long as you are alert and do not speak with black men who are not students.

-There is virtually no student violence at Hopkins. All risk is based on the fact that the locals will prey on students. News of this is suppressed. I know this for a certainty from students and staff.

-Security in the four blocks of the Wyman Park corridor is excellent, with up to 8 dedicated officers at a time.

-Any time you walk off Charles Street onto a secondary or side street you are in danger. At night, you are at high risk of attack—which granted, only means you getting your smart phone taken once every other year. But, if there has just been a news story about a black dude being killed by a cop in Baltimore, you might be in for a sneaker party.

-Do not sit on a bench or use the green spaces or bus stops between 2:30 and 7:30 PM. During this period all violence is committed by black youths, mostly younger teens.

-Do not go outside anywhere in Baltimore City, on foot between 10- PM and 4 am, for you are being hunted by 18-35 year old black men operating in hunting packs.

-Do not drink at any bars after 9:30 PM, no matter how swank.

-When patronizing bars, eateries and other venues do so during the day on weekends.

-When driving, use Charles Street north to I-695 in and out of the city. Taking I-83 all the way downtown has resulted in a lot of carjacking, attacks and even mob roadblocks.

-Heading east or west from the Charles Street corridor south of 33rd street, you are headed into some sketchy areas.

-If you head east or west from south of 25th Street, you’re now an unpaid extra in the ongoing Live Action Role Playing fan production of HBO’s The Wire. Watch all five seasons. It’s all true—but a lot worse.

-When there is trouble, communicate with campus security [including special detail police being paid through the overtime desk by Hopkins], not Baltimore City cops. The BPD cops don’t care about college kids from out of town and might beat your ass if they are in a bad mood.

-Read Thriving in Bad Places and Waking Up In Indian Country for evasion methods.

-To convince yourself not to be a nocturnal pedestrian read When You’re Food: Raw


PS: Thanks for the John Hopkins post. I can't comment on there with my Brave browser but follow on question, you mention only drive in and out on I-695 and that travelling south on I-83 there's a chance for car jackings, mob attacks, etc. I'm assuming you mean down Charles Street parallel to I-83? F-me if things are that bad that the interstate itself is high risk.


You want to take the Charles Street exit off I-695 downtown. The I-83 exit ramps run into lights that have been targeted as stopping zones for non combatants. The people waiting at the Pratt Street light coming off the I-83 ramp have been hit the most, waiting to get on as well. Nobody is jacking motorists at the Mondawmin ramp, but then nobody wants to get off at Mondawmin. The safest I-83 ramp that is useful seems to be at Bolton and Butcher’s Hill, the next one down from Mondawmin, I think. Still, you are in Freddie Grey Land.

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