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'Like They Care We've Been Boned Once Again'
Table Scraps 5: Carbon Mike, Ishmael, the Checkered Demon...

JAPAN | No Country for FAT Western Womyn

In Your Wheel House

Biker News

Need An Immigrant Laborer?

The horrific reality of a war with North Korea

The Danger of BLM

Not that it's hopeless. We're blessed with adventurous billionaires.

I do not know why I'm optimistic, but I am.

So should the admittedly aged, multi-fledged eagle fail to come up to scratch in the Super Power Stakes, there's another contender sort of milling around off stage. Serious ones.

So all the dotard legislators, fresh back from the Denny's senior spread, their pockets filled with ketchup, jelly and salt packages, tottering on their walkers and canes, will have to act like they care we've been boned once again. I feel so inspired by it all.

Jan Ott & Siobhán Higgins-Welter - Ancient European Prehistory: The Frisian Oera Linda Book

It may be that Trump is ready to be fitted with one of them-there Hero-hard-hats with the snarling wolf in brass or silver and his face emerging from the jaws. Like in Ire and Ice.

Just because a guy's a squirrel don't mean there's nothing there to consider?

-Checkered Demon

The Truth About The Stock Market Crisis. Prepare Yourself.


Checkered Demon Tunes

Mossberg 490 "Shockwave"...12 ga. 6ea 2 3/4", and is chambered for 3"...$385

SocSec check came in. Couldn't help it. Can't write about something you wouldn't buy. Needs some friction tape, and you can probably see where. 26 1/2" overall length. Good for festive celebrations and surprising boogers.


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I don't know what’s going on but it ain't good.

-Big Ron

My Favorite Essay

...Mark Knopfler is the man. To me, he's the guy in rock music who has most successfully merged the idioms of genuine folk, and rock. Plus he's a beast on guitar.

This album is a well-kept secret—I have a lot of his output (much of it on vinyl) and I didn't even know this one existed. The title (and title track) are funny to me; I was reading the news the other day and thinking they needed to bring back "letters of marque and reprisal".

You might also appreciate his album "The Ragpicker's Dream". On my podcast recently, I was talking to Al Stankard from about how people who talk "white pride" always skip over the really cool history of white outlanders and go directly to how much they hate black folks. "Ragpicker's Dream" is, like, the soundtrack of the white outlanders—everything from working-class builders in England during the Thatcher years (Why Aye Man) to Depression-era hobos on the run from railroad bulls in the dead of winter (the title track).

I'm not judgmental, but anyone who doesn't like Mark Knopfler is a godless heathen and should be cast into the outer darkness. ;-)

Talk to you this evening!

-Carbon Mike

Man, I had a blast! We need to make this a regular thing somehow. Thanks for being so generous with your time—talk to you again soon. Next night I could do would be Sunday evening, and after that, Wednesday again.

Best regards,

-Carbon Mike

It's like, people not knowing how to act is a universal:

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