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Beyond the Christian Family Illusion
By John Saxon

This guy is like a long-lost son, telling it as it is, without the ideological and religious illusions that have rotted the mind of so many men:

“This leads us to the average man-schlub who seeks to survive and navigate the current sexual chaos bequeathed to us by feminism, no-fault divorce and the sexual revolution without getting their members ripped off by some female barracuda. This guy probably has simple ideas about human sexuality. He likes what he likes. Thinks it would be nice to make a few half-copies of himself and would prefer to do this in a manner that is satisfying and socially accepted. He wouldn’t care enough to bother understanding Paglia or Derrida, but would react the same violent way I would react if (((Weinstein))) even Bill Clintoned his Good Old Kid Sister and gave her The Clap.

How does he sort this crap out? Being an OR guy myself, I could sympathize if he did up a risk cube involving women and based his life decisions on avoiding having the current toxic mating system blow his prospects up like Krakatoa on a bad-news day. It might work out something like this. The guy goes partial MGTOW. He has female family members he won’t shun. He’s got someone he dates or maybe even marries. Perhaps women hang around the places he goes to indulge hobbies or vacation for a while.

But his workplace? Aww, fork no! You don’t let #MeAgain Kelly or any other viper with a vag near the stuff that allows you to pay the rent or buy the next vehicle. Your 401K and your female companionship are separated by a Churchillian Iron Curtain. Even the ones this guy can sort of sympathize with can go #MeToo somebody else’s damn assets instead of his. The new He-Man Woman Haters Club is not about immature gender snobbery. It’s a mode of enhancing adult male survival prospects. Da Beech can’t steal what Da Beech don’t touch.

So that guy’s workplace becomes an extended man cave. To the extent that it is legally possible, this guy will check any Affirmative Action checklist block except for one. He won’t seek attention and probably has no egocentric desire to be a King Richard over it. The man in question simply doesn’t want to take the risks of having professional gender litigators getting their hands on his life’s productive efforts.”

See further young men:

Here is some helpful real world advice that can be given to men, young or old, who are struggling to deal with the warzone that !!!!feminism!!!! (via the [[[[power elites]]]]) has created. It is not helpful to glibly tell men to “man up, be like <<<<Jesus>>>>,” when <<<<Jesus>>>> himself was, according to standard accounts, but not:, unmarried, or in a “serious relationship.”

Then again, there is a mass of evidence and argument assembled at:

for the mythicist view that ****Jesus**** never existed at all, so he has been saved from the miseries 90 percent of us endure in this ####matriarchal#### system. Crucifixion is quick compared to what the {{{{System}}}} can do to one today:

Concluding tangent: I do not know if the $$$$Pope$$$$ would approve of “queer” guns,” but I guess every little bit helps the Second Amendment and Civil War 2.0:

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

Own the collected works of John Saxon, Professor X, Eirik Blood Axe, William Rapier and other counter culture critics, on Kindle, via the link below. Amazon:

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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BobFebruary 14, 2018 12:56 AM UTC

N.b.: The decline of the traditional, patriarchal family closely tracks the advent of civil marriage, an institution that dates back a couple of centuries or less.

crackerFebruary 13, 2018 12:26 PM UTC

this may be lost on you, jonny, and I might not even be talking to you since you take on alter-ego's when you write but I'm game. so much of what you write concerning Christianity is hearsay which is expected since you have zero first-hand knowledge or experience with it. yours is a common fault in that you try to equate the ways of God with those of man; you think God thinks and acts like us and He doesn't. Yes, you've heard that man was created in God's image but you fail to grasp the significance of the fall. all of creation was affected and corrupted by the fall and what we know of creation is a broken, corrupt version of the original. if you actually knew Christianity instead of "of" it you'd know that. you'd also know that the bride of Christ is the church and that the institution of marriage should reflect that relationship . once again your trying to understand God from a man's perspective clouds your ability to understand this teaching.
BobFebruary 13, 2018 5:23 AM UTC