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Nails and Rat Poison
Lukas on the Bones of Authoritarian Life
I watched Big Ron’s send in video Lessons Learned and there is more going on here then just some dudes getting beaten up. This is the entire Russian history in a nutshell.
First off, the athlete turning mafia enforcer is not something uncommon in former communist states, but the rule. Robert Kaplan wrote about this when he spend time in Bulgaria after the fall of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the state system that controlled everything, the athletes were left unemployed with the collapse of the government run
sports leagues. And because they were the few ones who were actually fit and healthy, the criminal structures hired them as muscle.
One of their trademarks was wearing western made sportswear, since they were among the very few who had access to western clothing. That’s also why Russian
street thugs (Gopniks) dress in Adidas tracksuits.
On the Second, the mentality of the victims is typical for a nation where neighbor rats on neighbor and something like Stalinistic terror was possible entirely because people who were its victims also engaged in it. They know there is no way out but still they lay down and take it like the serfs took it that didn't run off to become Cossacks. A society where authoritarian systems emerge is already rotten and morally bankrupt enough to give such a thing fertile soil. So all these guys let themselves get led to the slaughter, knowing exactly how badly this will end for them, but they take it one by one instead of rushing the guy or, better off, preventing such a situation in the first place.
And I don't mean paying "taxes" or shit like that, which really rubs me the wrong way how these MMA faggots over at MMA-core even came up with that title. Maybe all that gay porn and naked man-on-man skin contact mumbled their brains.
There is no doubt that if you are Joe everyman and you have to fight a trained kickboxer, there is no way you would win. You could beat him in a game of chess maybe, but not in a fight that he chooses and where he’s got at. I rather build an IED and start going berserk then letting myself get lead to the ditch like that. I would just face these guys to blow myself up with an chemically triggered S-Vest filled with cheap Chinese made nails and rat poison, simply because every display of
Asiatic sadism typical for their degenerate race triggers some genocidal commitment behind my forehead.
Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism
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Sam J.February 15, 2018 8:35 AM UTC

Go Lukas! +10
BobFebruary 14, 2018 5:24 AM UTC

Excellent post. One small quibble:

"After the collapse of the state system that controlled everything..."

- this misses the integral part the black market and criminal underworld played in keeping the USSR even half functional. (War Socialism is what real socialism looks like, ie. mass starvation and a collapse that endangers the entire regime, hence Lenin's restorative NEP).

Sure, State sportsman put on Adidas and knuckle-dusters in the '90s, but there was always a thriving criminal class. In the gulag, the bosses refused to work and killed, raped or stole from fellow inmates. Likewise, there were treated benignly by the State and shared with it the spoils of their unfortunate victims.

"Little Odessa", not so little any more.