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The Laws of Probability are Racist!
By Professor dy/dx and Gay Old USA By John Saxon

I suspected this for many years, given the difficulty my diverse vibrants had with probability theory and statistics, but maybe the laws of probability are really racist:

Or, perhaps coins are racist too? Anyway, I can die happy now that mathematics has been connected to political correctness:

Beware of nine-foot tape worms dwelling in your rectum:

Some research assistant had the delightful task of measuring it, no doubt.

Gay Old USA By John Saxon

We have gay marriage down under, and it was fully supported by a majority of voters, which means that this country will not be missed if North Korea decides to do some nuclear tests on live subjects. But, many US sites have said that even though the Supreme Court jesters gave your wonderful country gay marriage, the rock solid US majority would not accept it.

Well, a January 2018 Gallap Poll has found that 56 percent of Americans are satisfied with gays and lesbians in YS society, and 57 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of Demos were accepting.

But, don’t worry, maybe the questions did not “define their terms,” or were misleading. Anyway, the Second Coming is just around the corner, so I would not worry too much about it:

As I understand it, there are only likely to be a few people saved, because conditions are exacting, so Heaven is going to have lots of space, plenty of room to flap one’s wings. But, not for me, of course. Anyway, I am used to heat.

Mean-while, back on Earth for those left behind…

Turd America

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BobFebruary 16, 2018 12:41 AM UTC

What people didn't learn about gays from Hollywood they'll certainly will from future divorce proceedings.

Let the games begin!