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LA Riots - Racial Powderkeg
(Myth20c - Ep57)

I almost screwed up my contribution to this Myth of the 20th Century episode by meeting with a friend about something bothering him right before taping. The funny thing was, during this meeting at the only white only bar in Baltimore, a residual effect of the 2015 Baltimore Riots came into effect. The owner of the business next door, who has lived and operated out of that storefront for 30-plus years, was being blocked from entering his closed establishment by two black men standing before his door. When he called the cops the police proved afraid to clear his front stoop and he came through the bar I was meeting in to speak with the cowardly cop who skulked in his car to the back alley and escorted the owner sneakily into his back entrance. But my friend let me go after an hour or so and Adam and the rest of the men waxed patient.

Thanks guys.


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Myth Of The 20th Century – Episode 57: LA Riots – Racial Powderkeg

The Battle of Los Angeles

- James LaFond (Myth20c - Ep57 preview)

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PRFebruary 25, 2018 3:57 PM UTC

One more thought comes to mind: one of the reasons police forces are becoming militarized is because they're filling up with former military. The military is pre-screening those who are physically, mentally, and morally unfit for police forces nationwide. "Has military experience" is another way of saying, "Is fit for police service." It's kind of like a college degree: not necessary but the only legal way for corporations to discriminate against incompetents.
PRFebruary 24, 2018 11:56 PM UTC


There's a report out now called "Unfit for Service" or something like that. Basically, most American youth are physically unfit for military service, don't have a GED, or have a criminal record. Police officer recruiting has the same problem. I've heard it's even harder to recruit with the BLM stuff and the press going after cops. Similarly, it's hard to recruit for the military now that it's a safe-haven for women, faggots and trannies.

Were I a cop, I'd get as big and strong as possible so you could just slap criminals into submission with an open hand. Then you don't have to shoot them. I'd probably wear some sort of plate body armor too.

As Mark Rippetoe says, "Strength is the most general of athletic adaptations."
ShepFebruary 23, 2018 7:50 PM UTC

PR—A friend of mine tells me that there are no physical hiring standards for cops in our medium-sized Western state, other than a basic physical exam and a leisurely Cooper test on the first day of the Academy. After that first day, there is no requirement that he/she ever do a single pushup or run a single step for the rest of his/her career.

Also, there are no hiring criteria regarding height, weight, or BMI. Scrimination, gnomesayin?
PRFebruary 18, 2018 1:17 AM UTC

Your point about cops being unwilling to engage physically was interesting and confirmed by my own observations. I have several friends on the local PD and I could manhandle several of them at once. None of them lift weights or practice any kind of grappling. The ones that are thin run for exercise. Most police forces don't seem to have any fitness or body fat regulations.

The exception to this is an LA County sheriff my friend trained to get stronger. LA County sheriffs all start out in the jail where they have to subdue uncooperative prisoners and they can't use guns. Typically they soften the guy up with a special type of pain-inflicting grenade and pepper spray/gel, but then they go into the cell and grapple the guy. Our friend got so much stronger and bigger through traditional barbell exercises that he could really hurt prisoners and had to learn to control his strength.

Cops I've befriended have a variety of motivations for being police officers - good motivations in all cases - but they definitely aren't looking to get killed on the job. Being a police officer is statistically one of the safest jobs in the USA.
PRFebruary 18, 2018 12:34 AM UTC

The Japanese community is mostly in Torrance now. There are scattered Nissei centers throughout LA where Latinos go to take judo (judo is big in Latin America). Mostly, I think the Japanese failed to breed.

There was another element of whites moving out of LA: busing. Adam Carolla alludes to this on his show sometimes since he was bused. Basically, when busing started, most whites moved south to Orange County. Also in the 60s the blockbusting started. White realtors helped blacks buy houses in white neighborhoods. As we've seen over and over again, blacks are capable only of destroying neighborhoods. Around the same time (mid-60s onward), crime exploded. Movies like "Boys in the Hood" and "Menace to Society" portray black crime in LA - there were crack wars and drive-by shootings that really didn't end until the '90s when enough prisons were built and 3-strikes laws were passed to get black criminals off the streets. Interestingly, "Menace 2 Society" depicted the murder of a Korean store owner by a black yoof.
PRFebruary 17, 2018 5:17 PM UTC

THere's SO MUCH I could say about all this. I still haven't listened through the STefan Molyneux podcast I posted last week. My dad went to USC during the Watts riots. He said there was a .50 cal machine gun parked on each corner of the school to defend it. He would site up on the roof of his fraternity house and watch the fires every night. My dad drove around South Central after the Rodney King riots and saw all of the burned factories with "For Sale" signs on the properties. AT the time, LA was the #1 manufacturing area in the world. The only thing keeping those factories in California was the fact that they were already there. They were all rebuilt in China.

I must listen to the rest of this.
Sam J.February 16, 2018 8:29 AM UTC

Might provide a little amusement. "many of the Men joining the US Army throw like girls"
Sam J.February 16, 2018 5:19 AM UTC

"What's the animosity"? Blacks cause animosity everywhere they go just like Jews. It's just the way they are. They want to do whatever they please while demanding "respect" and those are not always congruent combined with violent behavior leads too, trouble.

The reason we can't have nice public transportation is diversity. You'll never get a big enough share of riders if they are threatened by people all the time.

James I can't believe you were attacked 30 times last year. That's a enormous amount of times. Almost two per month. It's terrible.
responds:February 16, 2018 11:24 PM UTC

Never fear, Sam J., I was only attacked 20 times!