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The Talk
For Paleface Cubs with James & WellRead Ed


I've got to go back near North Dindustan for a wedding. I'm taking my 2 whitebread sons with me (age 15 and 13). By virtue of growing up in The Big Empty, they have no experience with Dindus in their native habitat. So, I'd like to know what you're version of "The Talk" for paleface cubs is?

-WellRead Ed

Do not speak to dindus.

If a dindu speaks to you, pretend you didn’t hear him.

If a dindu asks you a question, you have no answer.

When dindus speak to you they are either trying to distract you so another can attack you or get you focused on the bogus object of conversation so they can attack you. This includes using words to force you into eye contact and words to achieve escalation to contact or compliance. Don’t let them run you along that sliding scale of disaster.

Avoid eye contact.

Move constantly, especially when you are not going anywhere. Imagine three mafia guys are hunting for you to do terrible things and you are scanning every space near and far without focusing on the harmless dindu who so desperately craves your attention. So long as you are not visibly nervous, but rather cagey, this repels trouble.

When we are in dindustan stay behind my left shoulder and watch our side and rear.

Do not walk ahead, bump me, focus on things near or distant or run your mouth.

Criminals tend to avoid the actively silent man.

I am the primary actor in our group, so when you see anything wrong say, “Dad” and then direct my eyes with a simple words like “left,” “right,” “behind,” or “ahead.”

Never drink or smoke in dindustan—ever.

Equidistant Drowning Babies: Confessions of A Virulent Race Traitor

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jd nolanFebruary 19, 2018 1:34 PM UTC

Expanded 'rules' by Paul K and Larry A from a few years back on how to protect yourself—based on "The Talk". Includes a link to Derbyshire's original. Dovetails nicely with your 'rules'.
anonymousFebruary 17, 2018 11:02 PM UTC

Search "Derbyshire the talk" for a broader if less immediately tactical perspective. I know both and takis have hosted that write up.
JJ PrzybylskiFebruary 16, 2018 8:37 PM UTC

This is very good. It also applies to walking with la-di-da women in Dindustan. Never-ever talk to Blacks while walking with a female in Dindustan. In fact, never-ever talk to her while in contended or enemy territory.

The shut-up signal lets her know that, suddenly, it's not her world and she's outta her depth.

Yes, quiet and cagey is the way to go.