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‘By Zeus’
Table Scraps 6

3 Questions A Japanese Guy Has For Black People in the US

Table Scraps 6

By Zeus… - ANTIFA cunts got their ass whooped by 5 middle-aged men

The # Antifa rabble sought confrontation with 4 to 5 middle-aged patriots, and they were given a proper lesson.

Army won't require recruits to throw a grenade far enough

The Army says that starting next summer it will remove the requirement because it takes too much time to teach enlistees to throw grenades at an adequate distance.

Or maybe suicide by chopper?

Trying to revive a dead cat…

I should have children with her.

-Big Ron

You know, I've never trusted reptiles!

I never farted on a black person, but evidently some do it often. On YouTube.

Sent...Dr Orb

RE: Korea and Putin response on Thursday



Are you aware Our American Peoples killed over 200 Russians Thursday last in Syria? The blood thirsty neo-cons may get their wish if this shit continues. Listening to Brian Suits out of LA, gathering input for tonight's nightmare.

In the Madness of Modernity


Human Waste Land

The San Francisco interactive poop map

I have nothing to say about this. The message is clear, don't move here


the guy I'm name-checking all through Part 1 of my MLK Day podcast. This clip I selected starts right at the really good part:

Here he is again, in print, riffing on some of the same stuff I've been thinking and talking about:

And here again in a video on C-Span—he starts off talking about post-9/11 politics but winds up talking directly to your experience (and mine, and a lot of people's) in Baltimore:

-Carbon Mike

Writing Unchained

Prolific Writing by Design

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