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Heads on Sticks
Remembering the Good Old Days By Erik Bloodaxe

Ah…the things that we have lost with civilization…like the subtle pleasure of decapitating one’s foe and placing his head on a stick…as Vlad the lad would agree:

This joyful practice was also conducted in Mesolithic Sweden, among other places. Archaeologists have found 8,000 year-old skulls on sticks, with the jaws missing, indicating that some interesting ritual was practiced. Oh, I forgot, the skulls were all planted under water in a lake, which is different:

Skulls on sticks and more general impalement, I believe, will be one of the sports of the barbarian world to come, when the present shithole all falls apart.

Turd America

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BobFebruary 18, 2018 5:00 AM UTC

The piker is indeed eternal.