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Ways Which Amaze
The Checkered Demon

The Olympics are unfolding in Korea, and the first medal for the USA is a gold one for a 17 year old snow boarder from Colorado. Meanwhile, every female talking head in the media has fallen in love with Kim's sister. She's hot, chirped one harpy, and why shouldn't she? Despite the macho robotic "Fire Penis" that lighted the torch, the games have a girly vibe these days as men fall back into defensive positions on neutral ground, or pair up as sweetie ski buddies to put ants on Pence.

Well, OK. I guess Kim's sister is attractive compared to Kim. I'd have expected something more like Janet Reno personally, but that's just my ignorance. I'll get to her later. The sister they show is on top of her game and no doubt producing Woodies all across the Korea-pop spectrum. I still see these two other sisters though, with faces like a welder's bench, their flesh escaping through gaps in their clothing, sweaty as they bullwhip the proletariat for slacking.

I was listening to a guy talking about the molester in Michigan: the doctor who got 200 odd years for feeling up young female gymnasts, from a female judge. Then along comes another female judge who tacks on another 80 or so years in another county. The guy is now facing 350 years in the slam. Is one third of a millennium cruel and unusual punishment? The commentator rightly pointed out that it wasn't like he killed and ate them.

What it is, is, female hysteria flying in the face of reason, under the power of the law. I wish I could call this an isolated instance, but men have been being worked over by empowered women for some time now, while paying them for the privilege with their taxes. Ask any man who's dealt with a female divorce lawyer before a female family court judge. Ask them about that nurturing nature. You gotta be careful what position you put a woman in. They have these ways which can amaze.

Consider the child care pedophile case a few years back when then judge Janet Reno sent down people on bogus charges as the media chanted hang 'em high. Clinton, every deviate's champion, was so impressed he appointed her Attorney General. She then bestowed that kind female touch on the Branch Davidians, who were accused of mistreating children among other speculation. She had them burned out like a wasp nest, cooking a few children along the way. Thank the Gods some heartless male wasn't in charge. It could have been ugly! Ugly like the young Cuban Gonzales Kid being braced up by armored goons shoving guns in his face and sending him back to the tropical worker's paradise.

I don't think women should be caged, masked in a burka, enslaved or mistreated. I'd be lost without my mate, and know her input keeps me almost sane. Still, I don't think women are fragile hot-house plants that need special rights and laws. Consider me this mr man: do you think you're tough enough to squirt out an infant? There's a tungsten steel spine hidden in there, and you don't want to forget it. We'll either learn to get along or become extinct. Simple.

Kipling knew about women: when you're lying wounded on the Afghan plains, and the women come out to carve up the remains, just roll onto your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your death like a soldier, or words to that effect.


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