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Roberto Duran Vs Iran Barkley HD
Posted in Modern Combat on Oct 4, 2017 — 99 reads
Sideshow World, Sideshow Performers From Around The World
Posted in Modern Combat on Oct 1, 2017 — 103 reads
The Inner Party In American Politics
Posted in Blog on Sep 10, 2017 — 151 reads
Tony Zale: The Man Of Steel By Thad Zale And Clay Moyle, 2014, Win By KO Publications, Iowa City, 490 Pages
Posted in Modern Combat on Apr 9, 2017 — 71 reads
Tony Zale, The Working Man’s Middleweight Champion By Oliver And James
Posted in Modern Combat on Mar 20, 2017 — 146 reads
George Henry “Kid” Lavigne : Born 12/6/1869 Died 3/9/1928
Posted in Modern Combat on Mar 9, 2017 — 96 reads
A Joint Column With Oliver
Posted in Modern Combat on Feb 26, 2017 — 105 reads, 3 comments
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The author of Tribes, Fights and The Sunset Saga has written an RPG focused on small scale adventures involving protagonists that are not superhuman, but truly human. What might it be like to be thrust into harrowing circumstance when you are not a superhero? Also see:
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