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Ajay Is Calling And Stevedore Is Stalling: A Writer’s Dilemma
Posted in Harm City on Apr 6, 2019 — 227 reads, 1 comment
The First Chapter Of American Dream Boat: A Tale Of The America Of 2048
Posted in Fiction on Apr 6, 2019 — 150 reads
Notes On The Ancient Gods Among Us By James LaFond And Stevedore Jackson
Posted in Harm City on Apr 1, 2019 — 1193 reads
A Movie Nerd Martial Artist Whose Favorite Boxer Is Marvin Hagler Wants To Talk To Me—Hells Yes!
Posted in Blog on Mar 23, 2019 — 191 reads
Some Thoughts On The First-Person Shooter Future: Part 2 Of 2
Posted in Modern Combat on Mar 19, 2019 — 276 reads
Speaking Of Many Unthinkable Things: Live Stream, Wednesday, March 20, 2019, About Noon, From Portland
Posted in Harm City on Mar 17, 2019 — 284 reads
Open Quality Warning Or Suppression
Posted in Blog on Feb 25, 2019 — 212 reads
Has The Crackpot Lost It? Or Has He Found It?
Posted in Blog on Feb 16, 2019 — 274 reads
‘You Know, When You Die, People Are Going To Ask That And Accuse Miss Lockhart Of Writing Your Stuff…’
Posted in Harm City on Feb 14, 2019 — 264 reads, 2 comments
Some Notes On Writing Your Memoirs With An Eye On Writing Fiction And History
Posted in Blog on Feb 14, 2019 — 203 reads
Fact Check Notes From The Editor Of Plantation America's Final 5 Volumes
Posted in Ancient Combat on Feb 13, 2019 — 239 reads, 1 comment
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A Harm City Novelette, with a cast of made-for-noir Characters drawn from the Author's urban oral history. Also see:
The Man Cave

Harm City to Chicongo

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

Guest Author Ron West

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