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Crackpot Mailbox: Terminus Est Wants To Know About 'LaFond Fiction'
Posted in Fiction on Nov 19, 2018 — 176 reads, 1 comment
The Crackpot Mailbox: The Leveller With An EndTime Heads Up
Posted in Fiction on Nov 16, 2018 — 315 reads
A Reader Querry
Posted in Blog on Nov 15, 2018 — 226 reads
Are You Really So Threatened By The Existence Of Black People?
Posted in Harm City on Nov 14, 2018 — 426 reads, 3 comments
Thanks To A Generous Reader
Posted in Blog on Nov 14, 2018 — 266 reads, 2 comments
Thanks Owed Back In The Mutant Node
Posted in Harm City on Oct 29, 2018 — 355 reads
Help Me Determine If A PDF Platform Is Defrauding Me
Posted in Blog on Oct 16, 2018 — 211 reads, 1 comment
About The Site Glitch Of 10/11/18
Posted in Blog on Oct 11, 2018 — 260 reads, 1 comment
The Complete Listing From DarkEyedGirl, Crackpot Books, Punchbuggy Books, Forever Autumn Press, Nerd Church And Hun House
Posted in Blog on Oct 10, 2018 — 231 reads, 1 comment
A Letter From A Subsidy Publisher
Posted in Fiction on Oct 10, 2018 — 293 reads
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Tamar Jackson is the 11-year old subject of extreme bullying who is befriended by a 'mad-planning' rabbit. The rabbit offers his assistance as a survival expert in return for two favors that will forever put Tamar at odds with the world of grownups. Also see:

Guest Author Ron West

The Combat Space

The Man Cave

Baltimore Travel Guide

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

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