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James & Teutonic Fist Discuss Inspirational Imbibing
Posted in Blog on Jun 12, 2018 — 118 reads, 1 comment
Manny And Mary,Thanks For Sheltering This Damaged Brain
Posted in Harm City on Jun 5, 2018 — 217 reads, 1 comment
Prologue Draft For The Upcoming Novella By Tony Cox And James LaFond
Posted in Fiction on Apr 23, 2018 — 230 reads, 1 comment
Writing Exclusively, Fulltime
Posted in Blog on Apr 15, 2018 — 238 reads
In A Citay Not Far Enough Away
Posted in Fiction on Apr 6, 2018 — 386 reads, 4 comments
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Tray Sorenson is a high-value security tech charged with keeping the terminal nodes and habitation zones free of freaks, trashers, and disorderlies. As Tray heads out on patrol to suppress an Amish disturbance an attractive woman catches his eye for a mere instant—his life will never be simple again. Also see:

Guest Author Ron West

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

The Man Cave

Baltimore Travel Guide

The Combat Space

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