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About The Site Glitch Of 10/11/18
Posted in Blog on Oct 11, 2018 — 174 reads, 1 comment
The Complete Listing From DarkEyedGirl, Crackpot Books, Punchbuggy Books, Forever Autumn Press, Nerd Church And Hun House
Posted in Blog on Oct 10, 2018 — 156 reads, 1 comment
A Letter From A Subsidy Publisher
Posted in Fiction on Oct 10, 2018 — 179 reads
The Leveller Interviews The Crackpot Via Email
Posted in Blog on Sep 20, 2018 — 267 reads, 3 comments
Barbarism Vs. Civilization & Autumn In A Dying City Censorship Status Change
Posted in Blog on Sep 19, 2018 — 269 reads
A Thought Crime Recategorized
Posted in Blog on Sep 19, 2018 — 258 reads
Writing Into The Censorship Night
Posted in Blog on Aug 30, 2018 — 262 reads
A Revised Schedule Of Book Completions
Posted in Blog on Aug 10, 2018 — 171 reads
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Luther receives a mysterious text on his phone, and his life begins unraveling. Can he halt his own spontaneous devolution? Ben has a good job, a great boss, and an even better wife. Then he cracks open a fortune cookie which contains a chilling message. Also see:
The Man Cave

Guest Author Ron West

Original sketch by Joe Bellofatto

The Combat Space

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