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Shrouds of Aryаs
Inquiries Into the Trajectory of War Band Culture
Shrouds of Aryas

The ten year investigation continues into the dichotomy of western warrior traditions. 2024, 583 pages.
Dust Cover
Here, at the far end of the curse of Prometheus, pulp novelist and lay historian, James LaFond attempts to gather the strands of the past with empathy. Looking away from the hateful lens of the professional historian, the reader is invited to reconsider the past. What does it say that we, here, at the end of known Time, are not permitted to discuss the past as its occupants saw it?
Imagine a distant future, in which the study of America was not permitted to employ the term American?
When discussing the Аrуаns, we must not speak of those people in terms that they would recognize. They must be the Indo-Europeans, something alien to them and their age. Even on the author’s own website, in order to maintain web hosting, the search function has had to be disabled for Аrуаn, Аrуаns and Aryаs.
The author, even as his analytic capacity waivers, is, in the latter stages of a ten year investigation into the dichotomy of western warrior traditions, increasingly convinced that the history bequeathed to us through our teachers, is more contrived than the most trope-laden comic book.
Coming to doubt his ability to gather the tattered threads of our past in one sensible hand, the author has conceded to wonder at the past in as much depth and breadth as is left to this investigation, without an expectation of a unified analysis.
Shrouds of Aryаs is simply one novelist’s attempt to conduct an inquiry into the past by using the unique historical tool of trust. While academics condemn the dead of having lied or been mistaken about the days of those their lives, LaFond takes the radical approach of trust. Rather than hate the Ancients for having Thrived hard times where we have merely wallowed in sloth, the reader is invited have mere trust in them. The only assumption made by the author is that the poets, chroniclers, and inquirers of of the past were not trying to mislead the unborn. But rather, as odd as it seems in our 360 degree gaslit world, the reader is asked to entertain the preposterous notion that most of the writers of the past were simply trying to inform the unborn.
The Author
James LaFond is obsessed with learning from the writers of Long Ago. He thinks he has written 280 books, but suspects that this total is probably off. He promises not to challenge Euclid or Pythagoras.
“If you have a sure knowledge based on experience, of any subject, you will recognize that the news is always wrong about that. Military men, athletes, spread sheet jockeys, experienced people form all walks of life, come face to face with the fact that all news is fake every time they see a report that touches on their area of experience. Yet, when we see a report on some area of life we are not experienced in, we accept it as fact, when in fact, it is fake. News is nothing but abbreviated narrative, and I think that something about your unusual life, reading list and narrative grasp, has enabled you, more than traditional critical skeptics, to catch glimpses of reality through the veils of the obscuring agents that stand between us and our past. I suspect you of using narrative intuition and for these intuitions to eventually be confirmed where possible.”
-Lynn Lockhart, in her final skype call with the increasingly techtarded author
1. We Are the Sons of Aryаs
Foreword to Sons of Aryаs by Achilleas, the Series Reader: 8/7/2023
2. Historian: Platform Articles for a Proposed History Site
3. Heaven: Discussions of Myth and Religion
4. Rome: A 23 Part Summation of Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
5. Dialogues: Reader Initiated Discussions on History
6. Shrouds: An Incomplete Attempt to Fathom Аrуаn History
7. Western Civilization: A Seven Part Analysis of the Barbarism/Civilization Cycle
8. Muse House: Book Reviews and Summations
9. Epilogue: On the Seas of Fate
Series Books
1. Sons of Aryаs: Soul of the West: Volume 1
2. Beasts of Aryаs: An Inquiry into Аrуаn Culture, Domestication and the Monstrous
3. Blue Eyed Daughter of Zeus
4. Songs of Aryаs: Considering the Strands of Аrуаn Tradition
5. Shrouds of Aryаs: Inquiries Into the Trajectory of War Band Culture
6. Norns of Aryаs: A Heroic View of Ancient Thought
7. Of Fey and Fury: Practicing Pulp History

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