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Plantation America
A History of the True Foundation of English America
Plantation America

Investigating the living conditions of the American laboring class prior to 1776, focusing on the planter’s view of American servitude and on the little-studied Plantation of Mary-Land, using primary sources. 2022, 350 pages.
Dust Cover
In 2013, researching a science-fiction saga, pulp novelist James LaFond began investigating the living conditions of the American laboring class prior to 1776, using primary source documents from the period rarely utilized by academic historians. In Plantation America, the focus is on the planter’s view of American servitude and on the little-studied Plantation of Mary-Land, overlooked in many general histories despite a wealth of primary sources.
To the Reader
This entire work was written as a preamble to In This New Israel, as context for that study’s focus on New England and Congregationalist Planting and Colonizing patterns. I have endeavored to summarize redundant sources.
Scheme of Inquiry
  • Prologue ~ European Perspectives on American
  • Part 1 ~ Plantation Maryland: A Planter’s View, 1600s
  • Part 2 ~ Tribal America: The Native View
  • Part 3 ~ Plantation America: The Slave’s View
  • Epilogue ~ Legacy America: The Postmodern View

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