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Solo Boxing
Learning and Applying Punches for Fitness, Competition and Survival
The author of The Punishing Art and The First Boxers, details the mechanics and nuances of the four basic boxing punches in numerous variations, with notes on boxing, MMA, bare knuckle and self-defense applications as well as details on training equipment. 13 variations of the right hand and numerous bilateral training drills are included in this unique boxing resource.
  • One Round Boxing
  • Guarding
  • The Jab
  • Advancing Behind the Jab
  • Retreating Behind the Jab
  • Punishing with the Ja
  • Maneuvering with the Jab
  • Variations on the Jab
  • Equipment Use
  • Straight Rear Hand 1
  • Landing the Classic #2
  • Sinking the #2
  • Moving with the #2
  • Jabbing with the #2
  • Southpaws and the #2
  • Crossing with the #2
  • Hammering with the #2
  • Clipping with the #2
  • Digging with the Right
  • Chopping with the Right
  • Hooking with the Right
  • Cuffing with the Right
  • Wheelhouse Drill
  • Side Stepping
  • The Pivot
  • Sinking and Driving
  • Doubles and Triples
  • Shifting
  • Heel and Toe Safeties
  • Prep-Drilling the Hook
  • Shovel Hook
  • Philly Hook
  • Cutter Hook
  • Hook Integration
  • On Passing
  • Upper Cut
  • Upper Cut Integration
  • Uppercut Variations

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