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Into Leviathan’s Maw
Z-Pill Journals 1 thru 8
Into Leviathan’s Maw

In the Spring of 2020, Jim journeyed by train, car and foot from the Pacific Northwest to the beastly East as America lost its mind.
1. In the Shallows of Night
Post-Apocalisp America: April 2020 [April 1 to 10]
18,491 words
2. In the Shadow of Fright
Surfing the Pandemic on the Overton Railroad, April 11-21, 2020
18,504 words
3. In the Crease of Might
Surfing the Apocalisp on the Overton Railroad: Pittsburgh, April 22 to 30, 2020
15,801 words
4. Shamdemic Survivor
Surfing the Apocalisp on the Overton Railroad: May 1-7, 2020
13,367 words
5. Emasculinity to Infinity
Considering the Clitoral Littoral: May, 25-29, 2020
13,275 words
6. Harpy Haj
An Experiment with Reason in the Post-Rational World: June 1-5, 2020
14,150 words
7. Eight Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds
Surfing the Overton Railroad in a Gaslit World: June 6-15, 2020
13,869 words
8. Darksome Dawn
Journal of a Feral Paleface Under the Ebon Heel: June 15-22, 2020
12,215 words

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