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Z-pill Forever
19 Books from the Paradigm Year of 2020
Z-pill Forever

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The Year the World Took the Z-pill
The Giver
Or A Man Named Property on Navigating Debt and Hysteria
In the summer of the Pandemic/ Riot Year of 2020, in a land of masked fear, the author found the Enchiridion [handbook] of Epictetus [Acquired-property], the ancient stoic philosopher born a slave in an empire built on the enslavement of his race. By the 5th of 51passages, it became obvious that the ancient cripple, his leg broken by a cruel master or born lame [the sources disagree] knew more of 21st Century America than anyone currently living in it. The Giver is a postmodern resident alien’s impressions of the Stoicism of Epictetus as an ancient mirror on Modern Man’s troubled plight.
Good Book Bad Book
A Science-Fiction Author’s View of Paradigm Shift Under Shamdemic Conditions
Shamdemicism is the social science recently elevated above us as a self-ruling template for social compliance, in which the fear of disease is used to terrify humans into levels of obedience to a malevolent system that has previously only been achieved through universalist religious fanaticism and ideological industrial tyranny. Finally, the tattered yet still grinding engines of the systems of coercion developed in the Agrarian and Industrial Ages, have been joined with a system of control specifically adapted to the Information Age. How might this new paradigm of control offer benefits and perils specific to the plight of the alienated [1] mind?
Anubis’ Gate
Skulking in Harm City on the Overton Railroad: May 8-15/2020
Written entirely off line from 5/8/2020 through 5/15/20
18 years ago I trained with an African nationalist named Ben N’du, who taught himself how to read Egyptian Hieroglyphics. To Ben, everything Egyptian was Bantu African. Yesterday, as the misty rain covered my illegal entry into Murderland, I realized, that as I entered this Baltimore death factory, where people cower in fear of their Black God of Death, in his more than 300 annual manifestations, that I was, in the a very real sense sneaking through the Gates of Anubis, the black, jackal-headed god of the afterlife, for Fascist Population Zone of Maryland and its moral well of despair, Baltimore, now reside in an explicitly post-human phase of Western Civilization. And here I am, skulking in its long shadows, under a wintery May sky, in a land of fear and fright, in which no man seems to possess within his mind any shred of might.
James LaFond, May 9, 2020
How God Saved Mars
An Autopsy of the Sepsis Americanus: 7/10-17/2020
In June 2020 the War against Humanity by the American System of Control, was decisively resolved in favor of hive domestication over human expansion into space. The coffin lid of humanity’s hope to escape the gravity and morality well known as Earth, was nailed shut with the ascension of Modernity’s lowest common denominator to demigod status.
Now that the visionary Majority Reports of H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, John W. Campbell, David Brinn, Gene Wolfe, Robert H. Heinlein, Larry Niven, Hal Clement, C.S. Lewis, Jerry Pournelle, Greg Baer, Poul Anderson, Edgar Rice Burroughs, L. Ron Hubbard, Leigh Bracket, Ray Bradbury, Gene Rodenberry, Frederick Pohl, Arthur C. Clarke and other of science-fiction’s brightest lights have been dashed; and instead the Minority Reports of Jack London, Robert E. Howard, Audous Huxley, George Orwell and Phillip K. Dick have actually come true, America’s least known and most reviled science-fiction writer, an actual homeless man, begins his autopsy of the depraved American psyche.
Surviving the Postmodern Hate Brain: 7/20/20 thru 7/29/20
Dust Cover
The author, a homeless man, spent nearly a week of the High Summer of 2020 drifting around Maryland and Virginia, during the low winter in the life of the dying society which had hated and tormented him since 1968, when he was first beaten by his metazoological kin for the conjoined crimes of being freckled and alone. As various men and women, hunted and hated by the emerging Mob Mind, provided assistance and lodging and alternately shunned him as a liability, the author has recorded his impressions of a dying society cast into darkness by the lengthening shadow of an ominous piety.
As the cruelest age since 1618-1648 ravenously rises from the terrible incubus of self-hate, bathed in the amniotic waste of gloried sloth, the ostracized ciphers of the remnant American Mind might feel despair. But the author, hated and alone since emerging from toddlerhood, finds Hope with the return of Reality, seeking a path through the 3,000-mile Lie he was born slave to, as the false pillars of a 200-year Utopia sinks into yawning Dystopia and the way between offers the way-finder a thread betwixt the baying mob and the lingering and cuckold dead.
Into Leviathan’s Maw
1. In the Shallows of Night
Post-Apocalisp America: April 2020 [April 1 to 10]
18,491 words
2. In the Shadow of Fright
Surfing the Pandemic on the Overton Railroad, April 11-21, 2020
18,504 words
3. In the Crease of Might
Surfing the Apocalisp on the Overton Railroad: Pittsburgh, April 22 to 30, 2020
15,801 words
4. Shamdemic Survivor
Surfing the Apocalisp on the Overton Railroad: May 1-7, 2020
13,367 words
5. Emasculinity to Infinity
Considering the Clitoral Littoral: May, 25-29, 2020
13,275 words
6. Harpy Haj
An Experiment with Reason in the Post-Rational World: June 1-5, 2020
14,150 words
7. Eight Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds
Surfing the Overton Railroad in a Gaslit World: June 6-15, 2020
13,869 words
8. Darksome Dawn
Journal of a Feral Paleface Under the Ebon Heel: June 15-22, 2020
12,215 words
Within Leviathan’s Craw
9. Exodus Aryаs
Notes on Managed Decline: 6/28/20 – 7/2/20
12,797 words
10. Wytchfinder
Surviving Mass Hysteria: 8/1-18/2020
22,583 words
11. Unbowed
Notes on Fractional Autonomy Under the New Gods: 8/17-25 In Year One of the Advent of the Mask
21,391 words
12. A Science-Haunted World
Parting Notes on American Implosion: August 25 thru September, 2020
21,247 words
13. Randy Bracken Goes to Hel
An Underhanded Tour of the New West: 8/30/20 to 10/21/20
51,846 words
14. Soliloquy 2020
Science-Fiction Musings on the Possibilities of Life within the Machine: 12/2-22/2020
21,646 words

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