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Time & Cosmos
Short Novel Collection #6
8 Novels with Time-Travel and Cosmic Themes: Hurt Stoker, Out of Time, By Gaslight, Seeker Cane, Timejacker, Holiday Blue, American Dog, The Consultant
Hurt Stoker
A Colored Confederate Carney: Part One
Whiff Gleason had been a failure as a Negro League ball player. He had, however, become one of the most successful colored men in The South; operating his own carnival through various white front men. One autumn night, while admiring his personal progress, he is confronted with the greatest of ironies: he is about to be one of the three colored men to be lynched in The South in the year 2013!
In this alternative history novel the irrepressible Whiff Gleason takes the reader on a tour of a ‘what if’ America; a strange mix of the depressed 1930s, the hedonistic 1970s, and our own criminalized present.
Out of Time
The Sunset Saga Prequel: Flight of The Condor
Little Posie Senski was a ‘special’ boy whose Mom homeschooled him under the supervision of the enigmatic Man in the Gray Suit. One day, after Mom ran away, Posie met Tina, the golden-skinned night-haired woman who seemed to know everything, and was also his new Mother. Since meeting Tina Posie’s life became one adventure after the other. For, as coincidence would have it, Tina, when not mothering her ‘special’ boy, directed assignments for a military contractor.
As a young man Posie up-gunned his name to Pozer to match his physicality, eventually severing ties with the manipulative Tina and striking out on his own. But it seemed that Fate, who, as it turned out, had golden skin and night-black hair, had a way of catching up with Pozer Senski.
Out of Time is the stand alone novella that sets the stage for The Sunset Saga.
By Gaslight
The Nine Quixotic Crimes of Alias Dox and Tones
1868, Argentina:
Captain Richard F. Burton, intrepid secret agent, mesmerist, occult scholar, undefeated swordsmen, fierce intellectual and famed explorer is known to have disappeared into the wilds of South America from September 1868 until March 1869 with two mysterious adventurers, and uncharacteristically left no written account.
Friday, November 27, 2020, Portland, Oregon:
Two homeless men, squatting in an Air B&B in Southeast, Portland, are apprehended by United States Marshalls serving a federal warrant for human trafficking. The two men were not named in the warrant, but, as seven heads were found smoking over the wood stove, the two men, with no identification and their fingerprints and swabs appearing in no law enforcement database, were taken into custody and held for questioning.
What follows is their account of their strange appearance and their crimes against humanity.
Seeker Cane
Longshank Cain and the Curse of Juju Quartermaine
A Postmodern Weird Tale
Inspired by a Year of Winters lived in Portland, Oregon
Upon a Recent Time
A journalist of despair took his pen on the rails and road, to gust new life into his dying mind—only to meet his unmaker under a starry night on a lonely strand. He told his story to a tale-weaving man, not as lived, but as he wanted his survivors to understand.
A Forever War Novel
Jamie LaFranc, a Baltimore City grocery clerk, is stocking shelves one day at the Fort Avenue Shoppers supermarket in 1998, when a man in a gray suit and silver sunglasses approaches him with an unforgetable proposition, a proposition, he, coward that he is, does not take.
In 2023, Jamie LaFranc, nearing the end of an attenuated existence as a hobo journalist, limps from a stand of trees where he has been learning the logging trade at the lame age of 59.9 years and comes face to face with the version of him who could have been, the version of him who had accepted that proposal way back when, emerged from Fate’s wicked forge to scourge history’s own attenuated garbage bin. What could this old Dreamer possibly do for the young Doer that he might have been?
Holiday Blue
A Novel of Titanic Ennui and Rebirth
Three livestock workers of Sirius are granted a holiday to distant Blue. Meat-hunters each, these toiling souls are tasked with guiding their social betters, the spoiled trophy hunters of The Pleades, all in service to the unquenchable hunger of the Titanic Royals of Dreaming Orion. 6,041 years since the Creators left their chattel to free-range upon lush Blue, three portals open to disgorge as many hunting parties among sloe-eyed billions:
The Titans once seeded Blue with livestock in their own image. Their meat planted, half-scion priest-kings were left behind to raise good meat, to self domesticate the most nutritious stock. For 6,000 years, three Titanic lines have lived in nutritious retirement as Blue was left to thrive. A Cull decreed, the Manna
Skiffs bearing three Noble Huntsmen each are guided by Atlas Khron, Pan Khron and Phoenix Khron, the sons of Phoebus Khron, Royal Trapper of Planet Blue.
American Dog
A Canine Myopic or Toby the Teenage Dog
Over four winters the author, a stray human, has wintered under the watchful eye of Toby, the youngest of three dogs residing with their two houses full of humans at the foot of Cedar Mountain. The remarkable antics of Toby, which include his ability to open doors, have inspired his casting in the horror novel Uprising. Over this past winter, the author noted that Toby is remarkable, not just in his ability to understand human conversation and operate some human devices, but in his deep fears as well. Something lurks upon or under Cedar Mountain which terrifies Toby. The author here takes it upon himself to try and plumb the nature of this deep fear in a horror novel, written from a dog’s perspective.
The Consultant
Bart Davidson is a secret curmudgeon, a college professor of a politically correct age, who must put aside his academic standards and cultural sensibilities to appease the lowest common denominator. When that denominator divides Bart from his body he embarks upon an odyssey of haunting self-discovery. Bart’s brain is preserved in the interest of science, along with two others, preserved so that scientists of some more capable future might develop the means of reviving them, and at least recovering their information.
The Consultant is the weirdly allegorical tale of three damaged brains and the desperate people who seek to open a hopeful dialogue with the victims and last survivors of a rapidly degenerating society.

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