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'Geezy Pete'
Crackpot Mailbox: Banjo and James Discuss High IQ Police

In response to ‘Okay, Maniac’

Sat, Dec 22, 1:10 PM (20 hours ago)

Geezy Pete,

Old news but,

The reason given in the article for denying the high IQ man a job on the force is that he would get bored with police work and quit. This quite obviously, is baloney. It has more to do with avoiding officers who may have the propensity to think for themselves vs simply following orders. This can be seen as an outgrowth of the Prussian system of education that developed after the Prussians defeat by Napoleon. See

Any officer who cannot understand the use of a force multiplier is either simply ignorant or has such a myopic/solipsistic view that he cannot see the world from another's point of view which is probably helpful for such a job. A few years ago I was walking around after work and as I turned a corner I saw a guy on the ground and 6 or so Dominicans smashing a minivan with bats and pipes yelling "that's what you get motherfucker!" There was already a crowd formed. I called the police. A few days later some detectives asked me to come in and identify a suspect. That evening I saw the one in the group I got a good look at and followed him to his apartment. I called the detectives and informed them where one of the guys is. They didn't care. So I went in to see if I could id anyone for them. They were gunning for someone in particular but I couldn't and thus did not id them. The detectives offered me a ride back to work as I went on my lunch break. On the ride I asked how many calls they got when the event happened. They replied that I was the only person in the crowd of 40-50 people to call. They said most people don't call the cops for a few reasons,

1. most of the people watching were probably here illegally,

2. people don't give a shit and just want to be entertained and

3. "they hate us" meaning everyone hates the cops.

I queried them on number 3 as I found that the most interesting. The detective spoke like some antifa sjw does about whatever the du jour "oppressed" group is replacing the "oppressed" group with police. I recognized the victim/victor oppressed/oppressor vicious circle in play. The police will justify their actions because they are oppressed by all the people that hate them while they are caving in some idiot's head with a baton. Round and round the circle goes where it stops nobody knows.

So "David Duke's sister's" response seems pretty normal for a police officer. "Everyone is dangerous except my in group." "Everyone should trust us because we act virtuously and even when we don't we can find justification." "We are the proxy of violence for you so don't go taking care of your square, leave it to us." Intelligent cops probably don't last long or they put their brain on ice to be thawed at retirement.

"Let us do the thinkin' son, get back to smashing, grabbing and looting for the state."


Banjo, your assessment is too rational for this world.

You have abandoned the false polarity!

The perilous path of assessment, choice and consequence looms like the tendrils of the damned creeping earthward to drag you down into damnation...

Warning! Warning!! Warning!!!

This, My Friend, is how Leviathan lurches towards Oblivion—her rightful fate.

This natural cycle is present in the fall of dying civilizations, when the system goes into survival mode; when the parasitic organism identifies the host organism as the enemy, attacking its own food source. The French and British Army did this in the early 1900s, by structuring for internal control and thence became operationally retarded.

First, the system becomes self aware—the entire system, from private to marshal, citizen to puppet master, that it is in danger. This quiver of fear is an instinctive response to the presence of agency outside the system—a system perceiving agency as a predation precursor.

Second, the system begins suppressing initiative.

Third, the system begins suppressing awareness.

Fourth and final the system begins a dysfunctional cascade, a riot of brutal dissolution.

Banjo, everything in your account of Dominican Poleesinican interaction was as it should be, except for that do-gooding cowboy from Big Skytopia trying to apply community ethics to hive septics.

The best years are ahead of us, Banjo, as the mindless masses behave in an ever more predictable downward moral spiral, when only apex system operators will have any tactical or operational sense.

Thanks for the good news. The honesty of the inducting system gatekeepers that they do not think police work and high IQ are compatible, is a refreshing breeze heralding the beautiful carnage of the End Time to come.

Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

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BobDecember 24, 2018 2:39 AM UTC

High IQ guys gravitate elsewhere. Opportunities beckon back home.