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Upscale Yeti Hunt
Fells Point and Mount Vernon, Two Hipster Enclaves Are Targeted by Reparations Recover Agents

With four overnight shootings and only one kill, one might fault the Harm City Hoodrats for approaching Chicongo levels of marksmanship. However, the sistas are throwing in too and white fright zones are being targeted.

One crazy bitch set 7 cars in the gay Mount Vernon Ghost enclave on fire—looks like the set of a B-movie after the big battle scene.

Two players, did get shot in the ass right on a marked “no shooting zone” corner a block away from an on-duty uniformed officer, both recovering in the hospital.

Down in Fell’s Point a yeti friendly brutha was snuffed outside of an Irish Pub, a shot across the bow for those ghost folk who thought that the heavy police presence of Halloween and the Hoodrat rest period after Thanksgiving signaled a turning of the muzzle away from the struggle and back to the hustle. No, this city is being taken back frock by frock, forever turning back the clock to The Rizin’, the sacred upwelling of unrest bursting forth from the hearts of the oppressed in the dying days of April of the sacred year of 2015.

The Harm City Murderbowl score is in the Red Zone, across the divide from the paltry 200s where wimp cities like New York, London and Los Angelos languish, standing proud at 304, with 26 hits in the last 30 days. The Harm City Hoodrats have apparently been swayed by the president’s immigration stand by snuffing their third Latino of the year. Last but not least, one should mention that brother out on Reisterstown road that took one for the team at dinner time on Christmas Day.

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TWDecember 27, 2018 4:45 PM UTC

304. I'm within range of my estimate I proposed a few months back...I think I'm nine short or close to it. Might come down to the last few minutes of Murderbowl IV (300+) or down to the 2-min clock.