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Crackpot Mailbox: Sean Would Like to Know Why the Young Stud Got Dropped by the Old Bull

Inbox Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 12:27 PM (1 day ago)


What in the world happened here!? Tenshin is a world champion kick boxer, mma prodigy, and got completely destroyed by Mayweather. He seemed almost scared. Your analysis for those kick boxers/ mma guys that may try their hands at boxing.


Tenshin Highlights

Mayweather Tenshin Fight [Removed]

I did view this one round destruction before the fight was taken down.

Tenshin is an experienced fighter and he KNEW.

Last weekend when I sparred with Nero the Pict in your gym with the long sticks, he was unable to touch me for the most part and had been in enough stick bouts to know when I had him dialed in. Our pagan monarch knew that he couldn't touch me and I could touch him and soldiered through a long round with the long sticks because we were not fighting. In a fight, the fact that I hit twice as hard as the Pict would have decided things in short order. If we went out and fought and it was obvious I was gaming for a shutout on points and not going savage, the fight would have been similar to the sparring in tempo. But, If Nero and I went out there and he could tell that I was coming in round-shouldered hoping for him to hit me so I could hit him harder on the half beat, then it would look like Mayweather versus Tenshin, as the less experienced boxer fought the entire fight like he was a supporting actor in a zombie flick, just waiting for the hammer to drop, and it did, three times flooring the younger man.

The keys here in terms of boxing and kickboxing are 5:

-Time and measure is superior in boxers as they have no ability to develop the kick as a tactile bridging device. Anything that is predominantly hand striking—such as knife fighting—belongs to the boxer as his eye-hand coordination and time and measure has been cultivated to the level of instinct.

-Punching power is generally 100% more in a boxer of the same experience level and size, as all of his striking involves floor to hand momentum chaining, unbroken by kick distribution. In terms of pressuring punches for a kickboxer he needs wrestling hips, like Lidell, Henzo, etc. and note that both of those men kicked little if at all in the octagon.

-Kicking arts cultivate a stance so wide that it precludes hard punching on demand but requires set up.

-Boxers are selected via a Darwinian matrix for thin legs and big shoulders, amplifying the points above. Look at Floyd's shoulders! He looks like weightlifter next to this guy, when didn't against other boxers, because they are all genetic specimens selected for this activity.

-Tenshin, a KO artist, was dwarfed in power by Mayweather the stylist because Mayweather had the power to KO every boxer he ever fought but broke his hands on Coralles and Gatti. Note that Floyd scored two knockdowns with off beat, slow-motion body punches. Floyd was being careful with his hands. This brings us back to stick-sparring with our partner, where my 600 and 70-some fights to his six or seven gave me such a timing and measuring advantage that I hit him with the slower stick. When you have this gap in time and measure between men you may see slow, offbeat strikes doing great damage as the old fighter shuffles in and invites the stroke that is his opportunity to counter. One could see that after Tenshin tasted Floyd's power that he was afraid to punch. You can develop this at a higher rate in sparring by looking for the slow punch or slow stoke instead of attaining targets with speed.

For those who did not see the fight, it followed a compressed version of the arc that the McNugget - Money fight followed, with the befuddled kicker in wide stance lurching around like a crab while the boxer danced on a narrow base. Therefore, as a kickboxer converting to boxing, one must analyze how his kicks are used to facilitate movement—and they are, and find a way to replace that kick movement with double stepping and shifting.

The Punishing Art

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