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Gay & Gray
Landing on Planet Faggotron: 10/27-31/2022 Portland, Murica
© 2023 James LaFond
As the train neared Portland I saw the rain clouds gathering around Mount Hood. I love the gray day and the dark soaking night; something about Portland reminds the loser that he struggles doomed and impaled upon the point of his just deserts. I love the rain patter on the garage roof, the haunting crows cawing and rattle-walking, and the most acute visual representation of the festering American anti-soul to grace this sprawling Lie of a place…
Portland, trashcan of a city, where an old loser can defend himself against his assigned hunters, and we four men of Portland Agonistics, this past Saturday, sparred and trained in a city park for two hours without Cop One rolling up on us and accusing us of a crime.
Below are some brief monologues from people I have spoken to since arriving in their Pacific Northwest, my winter quarters for this rearguard action in this lost battle against America.
“Okay, I’m beat. I’m driving back to the plant last night and I feel something, I’m dragging something, so I stop and get out. This tweaker, a criminal looking guy, has rear-ended me doing about a hundred and is stuck up under my trailer. I stop and some Federal Native Resources bullshit lady cop stops and starts taking his statement. This guy comes at me and I tell him, ‘Stay the fuck away!’ and he does. This is definitely a stolen car and he can’t get out of their quick enough before the real police get there.
“This stupid native cop bitch then takes his information—all lies—and turns her back on him while she writes a description of the vehicle and I’m thinking, ‘If he grabs her gun, I’m done.’
“This fucker might have just murdered somebody. Instead, he runs. The State troopers are on the phone. They don’t have any troopers on duty after 2 in the morning! Good to know! They want me to stay there with the vehicle until a tow truck comes. I wait for a few minutes and feel like a fool. So I rocked the car loose and drove back to the terminal. I called them and told them I left the car there and they were fine with it because they never called the tow truck!”
-Yeti Waters
“My son, he’s 43, he was walking home last night and got jumped. He has a huge knot of swelling on the right side of his face. He was coughing up blood and they said at the hospital that he had a concussion. He said they hit him from behind and then worked him over on the ground, robbed him, took his little bit of money.”
-Sasquatch Girl
[This description given at The Bar demonstrates injuries consistent with a come from behind strike, either hitting the back of the head and causing the face to hit the pavement or more likely a right hook from behind followed by a stomping. Natives of the Pacific Northwest are often mistaken for Asians by negroes who come up from the Bay Area and Los Angeles to hunt the locals.]
“Frank [a 13-year-old yeti] got in trouble in school for fighting. The principal called me in and had me watch this video of this group of Mexicans and negroes surrounding him and threatening him, ‘Your gonna get your ass whipped, whiteboy.’ He obviously did not want to fight and this Mexican kid comes up to him and punches him a bunch of times. He finally gets pissed off enough to hit this kid back and the kid collapses and cries and his Mexican and negro buddies turn on him and start cheering on my son, just like in one of your Harm City books.
“Somehow this is all my boy’s fault, because he hits harder. The principal and I are looking at the same video and he is seeing something other than what is there and blaming my boy. So I told him, “Motherfucker, you keep picking on my son, and every time you try more of this bullshit you’re going to have me here, in your office, giving you sit, just like I am now!”
-Yeti Waters
“I’m walking my dog at the park and there is this guy there, who has his two cats out. Now, I have a cat two. There are these two aggressive German shepherds there with their owners. These dogs have chased and caught my cat, but not injured them. The dogs start chasing this guy’s cats and he pulls out an automatic handgun and starts shooting at the dogs, with people all around!”
“I take my kids to the doctor for their check up and all this Asian bitch does is ask them about their feelings, their gender identity, do they feel safe. So I stop her and tell her I want their vitals checked, I want their boosters, that this is not a psychiatric appointment. She asks me if they have a Covid vaϲϲine and I say, ‘no.’ Of course, she rolls her chinky eyes at me and she recommends it, and I say, ‘no.’
“She then says that they are due for measles and rubella boosters and I say, ‘Okay.’
“Then, I’m watching as she begins to prep Frank for his vaϲϲine and the vile says, ‘Pfizer, Covid-19!’ This fucking bitch is trying to poison my kids. So I stop her. If I had not been reading the vials she would have injected my kids with a fucking MR&A time bomb! Fuck!
“I spoke to a real estate agent and he said people are selling and moving out of Portland as fast as they can. You know, James LaFond, you are a weird dude and you write a lot of disturbing stuff that I have had a problem with. As a guy that spent his teens and young adult years homeless, I never wanted to believe that the whole system, was, as you often wrote, set up to move us out of our homes and flip real estate. But its just like you said, and at the same time rent is going through the roof. My kids’ mother pays twice as much for a one bed room apartment as I pay on this house. Every time you bring the negroes or the tweakers in and move everybody out, a certain percentage of those people can’t afford to buy and end up renting. You were right, its all a trap, this whole fucking country is just designed to fuck us.”
-Yeti Waters
Bro we still have coffee, booze and increasingly desperate women. Life is not the Lie’s hallowed should, but if you are yet a man, it is still good.
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