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Echoes in the Machine
Texts and Thoughts from Friends as the World Goes Mad: 11/2/ to 12/25/2022
© 2023 James LaFond
“I’m ready to commit, for defunding the police. I’m done with these butt wipes. When my car got stolen, they couldn’t help, not enough manpower to help. But...don’t have your glasses when you ride [fined] $175. forgot your inspection [fined] $155 They do me nothing but harm.”
-Guru Rick, Pittsburgh
It sounds like those Pittsburgh pigs are doing their job, which has always been harassing working palefaces and collecting money for the government. The problem with defund the police, as a movement, is since its entire focus was on police doing harm to morally superior gawdly folk, combined with conservatives constantly crying for police protection, declaring that they have a cop’s “six’ and that they “back the blew” prevents elimination of the evil scourge that is the police. Instead, defunding the police has turned into, reassigning them from the drug war to the race war. The only thing the cops are allowed to do, is punish pale people for the crime of being born as the absence of color.
“James LaFond, I know I was homeless once. But goddamn, there are help wanted signs everywhere. I can’t go through the Taco Bell drive thru after work because there is not enough staff to run the joint. These homeless tweakers, they are all fucking drug addicts. They have chosen to be homeless so that they can get high and refuse to work. I’m a homeowner and unless the cops take the gloves off and start beating the shit out of these bums and clearing the streets, I’m going to have to move.”
-Yeti Waters, Portland
My man, the army of tweakers are only tolerated by the government out west, because the government lacks a crucial resource in its war against palefaces of the working sort. They do not have enough Negroes to turn Portland into Baltimore or Detroit! The tweakers are a stop gap measure, a temporary and morally disposable pale negro for the government to use against you. The cops are being held in reserve to evict you from your house so that homeless refugees from whatever American war zone around the world might be moved in to your space as you are de-housed for the crime of your colorless privilege.
The Law is now firmly in the hands of the forces of disorder. When the American Peeple collectively took a knee in 2020, twice, first to Negro Deification and secondly to Creep State Usurpation, the Creep State was so shocked by the utter capitulation of its enemy—the population—that they stage managed a bogus uprising in the precinct of the Union Throne. The puppet masters were so vested in a narrative of strife that government agents and dupes were marshaled to stage a phony rebellion in order to sell the sham to its own loyalists!
Steers do not a good rodeo bull make.
As mystery meat goons and transgender spittoons continue to don the blue, do understand my friends, that the booted thugz will be coming for you.
As a writer I appreciate the threads of a good story line coming together.
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Sam J.     Jul 16, 2023

"...I can’t go through the Taco Bell drive thru after work because there is not enough staff to run the joint..."

A vast number of the "help wanted" signs are fake. In the tech world it’s certainly fake. They only put those out so they can hire aliens. They don't hire people. If they do hire you they don't give you enough hours or pay enough to get you off the streets and if you live on the streets you can't keep clean enough to work. Some people live in vans and RV's to try and get around this so then they tow them off when they go to work. All the funds they say are going to the homeless are being stolen. I read about one Cal. city that was paying $10,000 for tents. Not kidding. I've done the math on several cities on the exact funds they are spending, supposedly, on the homeless. For what they are spending they could build small apartments, bigger than RV's for sure, and give people a home for nothing. These small apartments would e paid for in four years of "homeless" funds they are spending.

It's a trap!

I fully get people's fed up feelings about the homeless, but at the least people should understand that it’s a manufactured situation for a large amount of them. Many if they had a place to go, do a little cooking and keep clean would be glad to have it. The shelters are purposely made scarce and those they have they are dangerous.

I'm not a liberal except in the old school working man sort of way. I say if we can spend hundreds of billions in Ukraine for wars, then first we need to get our people off the streets. No matter what sort of shape they are in if we have money for these wars, we have money to not have people living on sidewalks.
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