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Stocking the Hate Locker
Negro 1/23 Triggers Crackpot Thoughts on Prime Crime in 2023: 1/31/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
Any study of American mass mind herd mechanics, opinion, popular notions and national emotions, will reveal to the astute observer, that reality is invisible, or at least heavily obscured, and that people superimpose tropes gleaned from Hollywood movies and TV and operate according to that fantasy, that delusion. The astute ideal monger and the competent media mind manager will therefore use—not reality—but movies and TV to impose delusion.
For instance, 20 years running, TV cops of the highest integrity have been cast as African American, when in reality, black cops are more likely to be crooked, based largely on preexisting criminal ties in the “Camoonidy.” The standard Murican cleaves either to the outmoded idea that all blacks are idiots and/or criminals, or, has joined the majority view that all blacks are saints and martyrs. One is based on old pre-WWII media installations and the prominent view is based on post-WWII media installation. Neither view is accurate, not remotely so. Both competing delusions serve to fuel a polarity that rockets past the actual reality with rhythmic reliability, part of the American False Polarity.
20 years after Law and Order SVU [1] cast a rapper as an apex law enforcement moralist, the HBO series The Wire cast a black cop as the straight edge chief of police and Criminal Minds cast a black action hero as the perfect SWAT cop, in the midst of a cast of bad guys that were 99.9% white male serial killers, no major American police department dare place a white man in charge.
This has, of course, resulted in ever expanding police corruption. In Baltimore, the infamous Guns and Drugs Task Force, was supposedly run by a certain white man who trained at the same Baltimore County gym as I did. He was the bad guy and his African squad were his dupes. In reality, his supervisor in the crime was a white woman and her supervisors appear to have been federal agents working with Philadelphia Police.
The FBI is carefully avoiding the image of black criminal cops and promoting the image of the white criminal cop. They are both crooked as a rule, half of white cops and 2 3rds of blacks, but the African is denied agency by the puritanical media over-mind even in his crimes. He must ever be the puppet of The Man.
I have grown sick of reporting on this stupidity. But. Last week, my Host’s Darling Wife was upset over something on her smart phone, a police body cam video of a black man being beaten to death by black cops in the central shithole city of Murica, Memphis Tennessee. That is how it was reported, so I watched the video.
The body cam is on the chest of a middle aged fat officer who seems to be, in completely, in command of the arrest.
In the first seen a terrified black motorist who has been caught trying to escape from the cops, is behaving as if the cops have been sent to kill him by criminals—this guy was in utmost, “Blackula commin’ fo da lass bite, son!” terror.
The fugitive is being held and tazed as commands are given for him to put his hand behind his back. He seems convinced that he is about to be executed and rabbits out of there.
The commanding officer tries to catch his breath as he radios that a tazer has been deployed. It seems they juiced this guy with that tazer many times.
The fat body cam cop staggers off into the night while two stud cops, in late 20s or early 30s run this dude down. Eventually the wheezing cop catches up to the scene of the black-on-black mess where one light-skinned stud cop is bitch slapping the downed fugitive telling him to put his hand behind his back or to “give me your hand,” and the dude is getting tazed again and still struggling in obvious terror, as if an Aztec god is sitting upon the hood of the nearest car slathering for his still beating heart to eat.
Dude breaks out like a gazelle from a pack of hyenas and rabbits over behind a car, maybe the original car, that looked like a charger from my uninformed distance int he darkness.
Now, the fat black cop, the HNC on the scene, begins going into extreme respiratory distress, wheezing, filming himself leaning on the trunk of a car, trying to breathe. In the background, off to the left, behind the other car, where the fat man occasionally turns before being overcome by American Landwhale Stress Physics, nothing can be seen from the occasional glimpse in the dark. But, one can hear the same commands over and over again, “to fuck” “fuck” seeming to be the most common American law enforcement command given by cops of all races and genders, to stop resisting and to “give me your hand,” or “Put your hand behind your back.” Honestly, every arrest I have seen on these videos seems to mimic gay gang rape more closely than any other human behavior. Perhaps that makes Negroes the perfect police force?
All I saw is this one video, no pics, no coroner’s report, no news other then an interview with protestors.
Well, one negro is dead, and that, as Aristotle would have said, is “To the good.”
Some cops might be charged with a crime, which is a good to the system, as the legal proceedings might generate riots, looting, burning, the flipping of real estate, deification of another dead negro, etc.
Black folks are the American Dream, the gift that keeps giving. They must commit crimes, they must resist arrest, and the early outset of hypertension and adult onset diabetes, short muscles and long tendons, makes them highly likely to die during arrests, making for social justice martyrs, once anointed. The anointing of a messiah figure is important. For instance, Baltimore City Homicide Detective David Seuter was murdered by combined criminal, local and federal law enforcement conspiracy, and was ruled a suicide and barred martyr status, unable to ascend into the pantheon of Murican Gawds.
It reminds to be seen if Negro 1/23 will be anointed. However, keep in mind that the urban unrest engineered by the creep State that has run the past 11 years, unseated a president and coincided with the first comprehensive American “lockdown” in history, began on the other side of the muddy Mississippi, in Muddy Forge, Missouri, a few hundred miles away. Both of these locations, as with centrally located Great Lakes cities of mid size, are prime locations for beginning the fires of civil unrest that might take light across the country.
Mid sized cities such as Baltimore, Portland, Memphis, Milwaukie, Minneapolis and smaller towns like Flint, Charlottesville, and Muddy Forge are favored for civil unrest flash points. This is because the federal agents who start these riots want a small police force present that will be overrun or need immediate federal assistance, strengthening the Creep State cause. These places are easier to ship cadres of violent actors and street theater actors into. For instance, the one news broadcast I saw on the protest in Memphis, where a bridge was being blocked, had interviews with two organizers, both mixed race “golden skinned” management class “blacks,” one a flaming homosexual male and the other a posing dyke female.
The above conjoined homo-agenda and black-rights cause is part of the ongoing attempt by Creep State agents and media priesthood figures to develop empathy for African Americans among whites by depicting them as being as gay as white Americans.
These ongoing trends and the rebooting of urban unrest scenarios, is, I think largely a contingency by the Creep State as a stopgap measure to cause panic that was not realized by the roughly 8 Creep State managed mass shootings staged in January. The Murican feedlot land whales see numb already to mass shootings, even in schools. Who would have thought, that the massive Uncle Sham investment in grooming fatherless, alienated, emasculated youth and young men as lifelong psychiatric patients and then arming, equipping and directing these “mass shooters” to commit gun crimes, to the point of sending in military contractors to hold police at bay so the inept shooter can make the 5 person body count stipulated by the Federal Boobs of Instigation in 1965, would fail to sow mass panic?
Thankfully for Uncle Sham and the Murican Tranny Nation, the urban Negro, primed with his high time preference detonator, and Blacks in Blue too, stand ready to chimpout for the greater good!
Left Butts, call for Justice for Negro 1/23!
Right Nuts, call for more cops and stricter laws!
You are all doing your sacred duty to feed humanity into the Transhuman Maw of Leviathan. Once this tranny Tiamat has been served by you, you will be served up to her: covered in chocolate, basted, sprinkled with rainbow jimmies or even caramelized in fetal tissue at the feast table of Brill Yates and Seth Brazos.
Your cooperation has been predicted and will not go unappreciated.
-1. This Special Victims Unit crusade against white perverts show is as much key to understanding postmodern transhumanism and secular American ideology as The Holy Trinity is to understanding Catholicism. All of those tens of millions of viewers, became willing victims in search of a Cop Christ to deliver them and the objects of their collective guilt from damnation.
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