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To Affront Yo Gawdz
Symptoms of Uncle Sham’s Death Throes: Portland, 3/14/23
© 2023 James LaFond
Today the 14-year-old was brought home by his mother for the crime of videoing a friendly slap boxing match with a friend in school, and then posting it on social media. His mother was counseled by the school officials that it was known around school that the boy’s father lived with a boxing coach who was showing them how to fight. We talked. To her credit she wants them to be able to fight, but not get in trouble in school.
To the school’s credit, they understand that any type of masculine activity undermines their primary mission, which is the emasculation of male youth. Towards this end, one may well imagine that this school official wishes that she might dictate that none of her male students engage in contact sports. These kids are busting at the seems to become men now, both nearly 6 feet and over 200 pounds, with an old man to spar with.
I let Bigz know that he needs to get used to avoiding government attention, scrutiny and oversight and should start with staying off school radar, as public schools are government institutions. Oh well, I did due diligence. I’ll work on his fighting form in an hour.
This, among other recent conversations, has moved me to take a different look at Murica.
The death of a great beast is a terrible thing. As the system has become self aware as Uncle Ted predicted, it has applied more pressure to its civic subjects but has suffered a loss of control as well. For instance illegal activities, such as unlicensed driving, liquor production and paid amateur prize fighting have been expanding in plain sight. Conversely, where the USG had great success in forcing most of its subjects to get vaxxed, these most obedient subjects are dying at an accelerated rate.
Most ominously USG and its component municipalities are considering, and very well might be, repealing the most gay legislation of modernity: Day Light Savings Time. It seems a slight thing, but for USG to relinquish control over Time itself, is like Zeus abdicating as the Almighty Time-holder. This is a sign that USG is expecting increased natural disasters and is protecting itself from disappointing its slaves by withdrawing long established notions of supremacy over nature. USG has devoted vast resources to the notion that human activity controls global climate and that government activity is necessary to save the world. If Day Light Savings Time is repealed, that is a great admittance that USG is not omnipotent and is not the earthly expression of God that its iconography has declared since 1776.
I noted on a TV newscast that USG is putting 3 billion towards fighting “Global Warming,” having given up the obfuscating Climate Change for the original straight up grift that a cooling planet is warming.
On more TV news, two Gro pimps were killed by gangster spics in Matamoras, Mexico. A woman at the bar mentioned the terrible tragedy to me and I laughed and explained, that those Atlanta Groes stumbled into real hard men while taking one of their hoes to get a tummy tuck. They were probably mistaken for Haitian human traffickers by the Aztec warriors. Then, on the bar TV CNN and Fox are checked for news on this. Whenever both networks have the same story, you know that the Cerebral Insemination Agency has issued a script.
Both libtards on CNN and cucktards on Fox are now calling for war against the Mexican cartels for killing two of our divine Kangs. As with every other power that is hysterically declared a national enemy to the US, these cartels have been in partner ship and even partially armed by the US, for the purpose of drugging up pale faces. Now, with any hint that the supply of Groes might be in jeopardy flowing across the southern border, maybe a war is needed down there to open the Groe gates and bring in vast hordes of the most useful USG asset—The Groe.
USG propped up and then turned on Panama, Iraq, Al Qaida, ISIS and Libya—and now its valuable drug cartels. Some goal post has been moved. Bringing in more African Gawds is now more important than drugging out higher rates of palefaces. This is ominous, whether it is emotive or rational. Either way, it is a death throe.
I talked to a CPA the other day who was irritated about her continuing education, that her vocation has placed her in the position of having to understand an evolved evil, that according to her could not have been designed, but rather, must have been cobbled together across generations by evil and corrupt men. According to her, the USG tax code is the most predatory and oppressive code on the planet.
Yes, I understand, Murican, that you are the freest creature on earth, that USG has made you master of your own destiny. But consider this. If you move to another nation and make your money there, you still have to pay USG taxes! Most nations do not operate this way. Recall that various rich Muricans like Tina Turner have moved away and took legal measures to be redefined as not USG property. This tax code, is proof that USG sees the entire planet as a tax farm, and every Murican as its property.
But, in its thrashing to survive, the famished and ever-hungry beast that is USG, has had its food supply captured by a corporate infotech entity. The Turbo tax folks have successfully lobbied to increasingly complicate an already contradictory tax code so that they will be necessary to sort it out for the tax slave who cannot afford their own CPA.
As thrilled as I am that USG is not only willing to go to war against the Louisville, Kentucky, Police for being Groe abusers, I am even more thrilled that this leviathan will go to war to avenge violence against its sacred Groe criminals in other nation spaces.
This brings me to the crowning observation of the week, that Muricans are subjects of a rare and unique bondage. I thought Daylight Savings Time was the most gay thing about America. But this week I discovered that it is football. Yes, the NFL has become more and more gay. But, valuable social study that it is, I did not realize how gay American Football was, and how central it is to our comprehensive enslavement to include our perspective, until yesterday.
I never watched a rugby game until yesterday. One can see clearly the devolution of the American soul when the two games are compared.
Rugby players are not anonymous, but bare faced.
They are unarmed.
They are faster.
They are less fragile and less fat.
They work as a team across minutes, not seconds.
Many men take turns leading the team, rather than one quarterback and one linebacker.
The coach on the side has title input other than to encourage the men to show initiative.
Every man throws, not just one.
Watching rugby shows much more rounded men. I could not imagine a gang fight between a rugby team and a football team going against the rugby players, even if they are outnumbered.
Most importantly, conjoined with the anonymity of the football player, is that his time is utterly controlled from the sideline, by the managers. Even the idea that the quarter back is a leader is bullshit. More and more the quarterback is the puppet of the coach. There are sidelines and booths full of time and action managers that use radio headsets to direct the football player like a video game character. Indeed, even NFL promotional imagery features football robots. This helps the fan share the managerial perspective of the coach. Fantasy football is like virtual enslavement of celebrity meat puppets by fat faɡɡots.
Then there is time control and judgment. In the NFL the referees get more time to officiate than the players get to play—so, so gay. Also, unlike the players on the field, the officials and coaches have faces.
The strict control of time, activity and identity and the primacy of judgment over action implicit in the managerial game of football cannot really be appreciated until you see the game of rugby. Then you can understand one of the reasons why USG enjoys more functional social control than any communist regime.
Again, in this light, the idea that USG might give up its artificial control of Time is chilling, as if Zeus were considering unchaining Prometheus to avoid some cosmic blame.
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