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Food Desertification
Observations in American Over Speak: Portland, 3/4/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
News came two days ago that the two Walmarts in Portland are closing due to failure to make a profit. The company will not even articulate the fact that this is due 100% to shrink, that is theft by the army of homeless people that Portland and Oregon have invited here. I was shopping at a discount grocer in a shopping center patrolled by a military contractor, when a homeless woman tried to use her Oregon Trails card, an extra homeless food stamp card, to pay for $14 worth of groceries. She argued and held up the line when sufficient funds were not found, until a kind lady paid her bill.
The secret behind the shitholeification of Portland is this, that these are the nicest people in America, always ready with the helping hand. This has made Portland a prime location for social engineering pilot programs. The news is instructive, that SE Portland, where people have grown quite fat, and where every bar must by law serve food, is according to some national guilt NGO “a food desert,” within a mile of a Safeway, a Dollar Tree and a Discount Grocer.
Something else is glossed over here, that food deserts were until last week, exclusively racial. Retailers who closed stores in Groe areas in the past were always accused of racism. This was always false, as any grocer in their right mind, including this one, wants majority Groe clientele as they eat more, spend more and make more hasty purchasing decisions than non-Groe shoppers. Now, as a food desert is declared, which was once only attributed to racism, the race cause is silently retracted and no one notices even as the crime cause is denied in classic American fashion, which is to say, by omission.
The former fantasy cause of a food desert being racism is silently ushered off even as the actual and only cause, crime, is not cited as the one and only reason for the closing of these evil food stores. Politicians and fat people and guilt mongers are now speaking of Walmart as the only place that can feed the poor. Once again, the governance by delusion that is America, is shown for the genius creation it is as “Reality” in America turns on a dime. The same people who crusaded against Walmart ten years ago now declare it a crucial public service!
At the same time, three other news stories are current in Portland, and people make no connection. As WINCO, a discount family grocer, wonders if it will be run out of business by the army of shoplifters headed their way, the following news is aired at the bar and the American mind can make no conscious connection:
-Police may not chase carjacker looters in Oregon or Washington State, as carjackers use stolen vehicles to drive through gated store fronts as rams and loot the business.
-Homeless people will be given $1000 to $1200 a month in west coast states. Compare this two three senior citizens I know who are physically disabled who get between $500 and $900 per month. Note also that the homeless tend to be young and super fit, far more fit than American Land Whales.
-Lawmakers across the country in mid sized cities are meeting in sacred conclave, with service dogs and cats, in order to draft legislation to create government agencies for the regulation of pets separate from other domestic animals. This, in the same week that a pack of pit bulls attacked an elderly couple, killing the man and dragging him off, fighting EMTs over his body. Pitbull attacks have continued to surge.
The above are all linked.
Even as government limits the use of domestic livestock and wild game for food and global food companies consolidate monopolies, new corporate government NGO foot soldiers are being put into place:
Hardship Agents
Laws against police chasing criminals in the act may or may not be withdrawn. However, legislation will be put in place to limit any use of force in protection or recovery of property to certified contractors and police with court orders and bonded status. This is a must to counteract the Supreme Court ruling on behalf of gun ownership.
A government agency or class of NGO operative, will be required to determine hardship that forced a person to commit a crime, so that the legal burden my be shifted to the successful resistor of that socially justified crime. Any use of force, armed or unarmed, by a private citizen in protection of his property, a third party, especially against attacks by homeless and pet class predators, will be penalized by some creative process.
For instance, a man stopping a home invasion by homeless with his fists might be sentenced to open his home as a hostel for homeless men. A woman spraying an innocent pit bull with bear spray, a dog that according to its legal counsel was underprivileged, might be sent to sensitivity training, made to walk dogs as court ordered restitution to the canine race. Eventually, if America stays its course, a woman attacked by a pit bull will be court ordered to adopt that dog, a man to adopt his mugger as a dependent, etc.
Home Agents
Giving money to the homeless will form a branch of government agencies tasked with supervising and identifying these people, and eventually assigning them rooms in the homes of The Privileged. The social worker who is hired next year to make sure Joe Meth Head is indeed homeless, will, in ten years, be assigning Joe a bed in your children’s room. The best reason for a black person to push for reparations, is, in my view, to avoid having to shelter the homeless, as “homed” status looms as the future mark of privilege as soon as middle class whites are done away with.
Animal Agents
Creating government agencies for overseeing pet rights will make pit bulls a protected class of being whom it will be against the law to harm when they attack you. The pitbull is simply the four-legged Groe. Likewise, these agencies will be tasked with re-homing feral dogs and cats in your house and garage against your will. These animals will not only have rights, but rights that supersede your rights. This is a direct outgrowth of Shamdemic politics.
Prediction: PITOODLE
A new breed of American dog must be developed. It should be a cross between a full sized poodle and a pitbull, so that its high time preference, its low intelligence, innate violence and inability to hold its urine, will reflect that of the American Landwhale, and the lack of shedding hair and dander will enable them to be housed in hospitals and old age homes.
The Murican Mind is conditioned to think that government exists to serve the people. This is believed as a sacred article of Faith by every person who votes, which is to say most Muricans. The beauty of the 360 degree lie that is America is surprisingly, that it can be reversed 180 degrees in one news cast and that virtually no one will take note as the sun replaces the moon and dusk becomes dawn.
“For what so ever word be spake by Pharaoh, even such an word as HE decreed to be blasphemy aforetime, let His Word glow anew as forever true.”
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