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Real Reparations
An All American Plan: Portland 3/13/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
Uncle Sham, AKA USG, Leviathan, Uncle Satan and Tranny Eagle Nation has a problem: not enough Groes!
How can USG accomplish its stated goal of driving all Caucasian men who do not work for the government into homeless, unemployed drug addiction, with a shortage of Groes?
Caucs can be replaced in management by Hindus with ease. Businesses can be run by Chinks, Gooks and Japs. Flips provide fine medical staff. Spicdom has sent all of its undesirables it can spare. The problem with Spics is they tend to work and behave, and when they are criminals to avoid raping granny in the street—they just don’t flip real estate like the Gawdly Groes.
Recently Caucasians who have yet to get the clearly worded memo that the government sees them as a resident enemy in need of eradication, have complained to me that their tax dollars are now going to reparations schemes from Californica to Warshangtun. It has been a couple years since I advocated reparations and I still stand by those points. Those points, as true as they may be, will not be implemented for the very logical reason that they are COOL. Come on, the clearest sign that America is totally gay, is the lack of a sense of civic humor.
Brad Pitt should have to have sex with a low income black woman every day, even forced to take the blue pill if necessary.
Wealthy men of pallid privilege who own boats, should be duty bound to sail any Groe who wants to go back to Africa on his yacht and carry around Tyrone’s spare sneakers while he explores the paradise his ancestors were snatched out of by white slave catchers.
But alas, American is too gay to go for such realistic reparations.
Below I shall outline something more in line with America’s total lack of civic humor. First, we must establish the delusional ground rules that 95% of American Libtards and Cuckservitives believe in:
-1. The only people to have been enslaved in all of human history are African Americans. Those 80 million that the Arabs castrated and worked to death over 800 years do not count, because true slavery can only be recognized as a hopeless condition when an African is held according condition 2, below.
-2. The only people to have ever held slaves in bondage are European Americans.
-3. The sins of the father never fade. All European Americans owe their health, wealth and happiness to the people who built every building, every road, cleared all of the land while their women were blowing the Whiteman. I don’t care if you immigrated from Ukraine yesterday. You are guilty of living on the broad shoulders of The Black Man and of the collective rape of Aunt Jemima.
Cracker, you need to pay.
#1. Right to Housing
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
All white homeowners must provide a room in their home for a black person in need. No black person can ever be arrested or tried for home invasion of a cracker house. It is morally not possible to invade what is rightfully yours.
#2. Right to Transportation
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
Every insured white driver is legally bound to give a ride to any black pedestrian who demands it. No black person can ever be arrested or tried for car jacking a cracker. Failure of a white to transport a black in an insured vehicle is a felony. Transporting them in an uninsured car avoids the felony charge but is a misdemeanor.
#3. Right to Nutrition
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
Any hungray victim of legacy white oppression has a right to whatever food or drink that is served in public to a cracker dining at any establishment. Private food stores n the home may be requested as reparations by any hungray victim who knocks on a cracker house door.
#4. Right to Worship
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
Churches and temples of any Christian or Hebrew faith must grant the pulpit, choir box, altar or organ to any black person of any faith for 25% of the service or mass. The visiting reparations minister may also bring support persons, such as back-up singers, dancers, record spinners, and to include yes men to shout “Datz right!” during his sermon.
#5. Right to Legal Counsel
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
Any American Person of African Ascent has the right to free legal counsel by any lawyer they so choose, provided that said lawyer practices the type of law necessary to fulfill the need.
#6. Right to Parental Care
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
Since cracker cops have systematically murdered the parents of many chillen of color, any such orphan, may select a white person or persons as a parent or parents and initiate adoption, to include adoptions to which the prospective parent declines to consent to. See article #5 above in case of legal dispute.
#7. Right to Companionship
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
Women of color who receive welfare and are single mothers, may marry a husband of color who resides with them in the marriage house and maintain their benefits. If this woman chooses to marry a white man she may demand that he reside elsewhere at her discretion. So long as any white man that is desired for such a marriage is not already married, he may not refuse the matrimony request and must comply. Again, see #5 above. Failure to marry such a woman shall be classed as a violent felony.
#8. Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
Any cracker who owns a gun is legally bound to lend it free of charge for 60 days, to any person of color in need. This applies to all non-whites, as the Whiteman invented and then used the gun specifically to deprive all other races of their human rights.
#9. Right to Free Speech
Every Whiteman is a legacy criminal.
Any black person who wishes to give a speech to any white person, is to be given the time requested. Walking away from a reparations speech will be a federal hate crime.
#10. Right to Companionship Addendum
You too, BITCH!
Any white woman who is solicited for sex by a black man must have sex with him. If she is a whore and seeks monetary compensation, these funds must be provided by her male relatives, and if she has none, then the federal government will compensate her. It is not legally possible for a black man to rape a white woman. Running and hiding is a misdemeanor. Fighting is a felony. Saying the N-word while he humps some justice into you is a federal hate crime. Datz right… Bitch!
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Some Cracker     Sep 18, 2023

Excellent points. These measures must be implemented immediately!
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