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Tending the Veil
Musings on Transhuman Meat-Puppet Herd Management: 4/3/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
As record snow packs the Western U.S., weather casters apologize and try and cheer the viewers with the good news that the sun has a say in the weather and that the sun will drive away the snow eventually, nobody notices that The Holy Lie American, has done a180 degree turn on a dime once again.
In 1980 I viewed a documentary short on In Search Of, in which the coming ice age, the inevitable, regular, cyclic, overdue long cold coming was discussed. One nerd suggested that our one hope for maintaining the interglacial would be all of the carbon we are pumping into the atmosphere with industry.
British coal miners striking, turned the Thatcher administration against fossil fuels in favor of Nuclear in this very peak period of nuclear standoff with the Soviets.
Knowing damn well that earth was nearing the end of a warm period, such as the Medieval Warm Period, and heading back into a cooling phase, possibly an ice age, government and academia and media joined in a crusade to blame the peak warming which signaled the end of the warming trend, on man made global warming. They did this by inverting the carbon record. You see, carbon in the atmosphere is a product of, not a cause of, global warming, and follows the warming trend.
While phony science raged about global warming, the demons in my bones told me that the Grey God was rising, so I failed to take heed. When evidence for global cooling set in at 2005, the narrative was massaged to declare that man made global warming can cause cooling! The sun was left entirely out of the debate about the process he rules in totality. Now, a mere month after the man made climate change adjustment correction was abandoned by the Senile Joe Administration [1], in the middle of the snowiest year since 1816, or Eighteen-Hundred and Froze to Death, we have smiling weather bimbos assuring the limp-wristed winter-weary multitude that the sun will warm things up, that winter cannot last forever, despite the two feet of snow that landed on Mount Hood last night.
Last night, as I walked to The Dive Bar in the icy snow, I recalled the conversation that the Younger Bear initiated, “Do you think there is any way that Biden can get re elected?”
I opined, “Whoever the CIA and FBI agree should be president, will be president.”
That appealed to the young card player who has discovered that education is a grift, which he deals with by buying low and selling high energy drinks to his fellow 6th graders, who are constantly stoned from smoking pot and need energy drinks to stay awake in school, and candy too...
I wondered if I had said the right thing as I walked to the bar in the icy snow. When I got there, the big news was about the pending arrest and trial of the Orange Man. Global warming will return when we have a hot day this summer and no one will mention the unseasonably cool night that follows. For now, the fabricated reality has become inconvenient.
Likewise, the Great Grainian War, in which the Roosky Menace have lost every battle, all of their airforce, most of their generals, has also lost its allure, as Grainian Ruins attest to the opposite of the narrative…
The other news story is that masks are no longer mandated by the states of Oregon and Washington in medical settings. However, medical organizations will be permitted to make their own rules. This depicted relaxation of government control is actually, obviously—yet unseen—a privatization of mask cultism, more outsourcing of social control from government to NGOs. This is a continuation of three years of seasonal masking. One wonders when the next bio weapon release will mandate masking again and if the NGOs will retain masking control when that happens.
Alongside this news is the fact that millions are about to be cast off of medicaid rolls and back into uninsured status, which places more power in medical NGO hands.
The news didacts never tie a thread together but leave them dangling and unassocciated so that they may be taken up when necessary for social control.
I watched a movie, Jon Wick 4, last Saturday night, an entertaining and utterly rediculous movie. It appeals across age and race and gender lines to many people, is video game violent, shallow and chock full of impossible action. The video game aspect of one man or woman slaughtering hundreds with little effort while standing bullet proof in karate poses is, I suspect, part of our social conditioning. Think of the suspension of disbelief being cultivated in order to enjoy this violence as an emotionally vested spectator.
Is that not the same kind of suspension of disbelief necessary for a news viewer in spring 2020 to believe a news reporter on a burning city block describing the Floyd Christ protests as peaceful?
Additionally, since first person shooter video games influenced and then took over action movie making at about the same time as government social control was supercharged with the Patriot Act 22 years ago, Americans have been increasingly prone to believe in fantasies like science and news that stand in direct contrast to their own experience. Might this fun time shoot em up entertainment constitute a kind of emotional portal, like an IV port for liquid medicine, being installed so that news narratives will be imbibed through this same uncritical anti-filter?
On another level, the John Wick movies postulate a Plutocracy, in which government agencies have no power, cops never show up to 100 man gun fights in Paris, New York [2] or Osaka, and the fate of all the world is administered by “The Table.” The Table is a Plutocratic counsel of oligarchs who control the world through assassinations. This franchise has gained broad appeal among leftoid and cuckservative alike, an appeal that crosses all other lines as well. I suspect that the Aryаn hero assassin of the first 4 movies will be replaced by assassins of color and vaginal authority as the franchise lumbers on. This is of interest as the Creep State has, over the past year, increasingly used transhuman medical experiments as mass school shooters.
Also, this movie was quite the symbol of cultural decline. It was nothing but stunts, posing and re cycling. The last 30% of the movie is a direct ripoff of the 1970s movie The Warriors. Music from the 60s, 70’s and 80s is used, with no contemporary soundtrack.
Of course, the point of the news is to use established emotional narrative grooves in the collective consciousness [3] as vectors for casting a headline, burying the facts and achieving a confirmation bias that veils reality. In the Hour of the Dragon, a pulp fantasy novel by Robert E. Howard written in 1935, about a Plutocrat [a sorcerer] controlling numerous nations from behind the scenes, there is a key chapter titled The Rending of the Veil in which the hero reveals the dark anti-human powers.
That, is not possible in this Cuck Fantasy novel we live in, because the best and the brightest of us Tend the Veil that hangs upon the lying face of Aunt Samantha. What the post modern Murican believes, whether he is a CNN Libtard or Newsmax Patriot, based on his news viewing, is further from reality than the Conan stories written for boys in the 1930s, set in some ante-deluvian age.
My compliments to the producers and directors.
-1. The budget called for 3 billion specifically to address man made “Global Warming.”
-2. There is a controlled demolition of an NYC Corporate Cult Center.
-3. Installed with movies and TV. While drinking with Kelly I note that the numerous law enforcement and fire fighter TV dramas his wife watches all have Aryаn villains.
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Vaxx Zombie de Gaulle     Sep 28, 2023

Well done
NC     Oct 3, 2023

The last 30% of the movie is a direct ripoff of the 1970s movie The Warriors.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
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