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‘Shemanese’ #2
Blue Jacket: War Chief of the Shawnees by Allen W. Eckert: Reviewed in Portland, 3/9/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
Wednesday, April 27, 1774
Logan proves to be a fool. Even after the peace he agreed to was broken by the Americans with the murder of Blue Jacket’s two companions, and he was warned by Blue Jacket, the man did nothing. His entire family, every drop of his blood, was slaughtered on April 30, 1774 and he would then become an implacable enemy of America.
Repeatedly Americans take captives under a sign of truce, always exploiting the tribal honor system in order to kill leaders. The 6’ 6” inch tall Grenadier Squaw was the sister of Cornstalk, who would be murdered along with his son.
Monday, October 10, 1774
Roughly half the allied chief marshaling for the battle of Point Pleasant have English names. These have and will be claimed as Indians not respecting their own culture and adopting English names such as Red Hawk and Black Snake and Blue Jacket, as well as the title “Captain” in order to impress Anglos. However, most of the chiefs then choose to die in a war they know they can not win as a beautiful suicide, wanting to die a tribesman rather than be degraded into a whiteman, nothing but the slave of the long knives. To abide the Academic assertion that these culture warriors who died fighting to preserve their ways sucked up to their enemies in the very definition of their identity is not possible for the rational mind.
At Point Pleasant, where his adopted father will die fighting, Blue Jacket kills 7 Americans with knife and hatchet. The low motivation of the American troops and the fact that their leaders were targeted suggests that many of the militia men were forced to serve in the ranks.
Thursday, November 10, 1774
The tribal alliance breaks up, leaving the Shawnee alone as the front line tribe at the mercy of Lord Dunmore. It is noteworthy that at this same time mass break outs from iron forges were occurring in the East, showing servile unrest. Logan, stood, and in English dictated a speech that someone recorded and he did use the term “white man.”
Blue Jacket is then adopted by yet another father, Chief Black Fish. It looks very much like the Shawnee were constituted as an anti Western Civilization military order. Blood did not matter politically, only personally. A promising warrior who lost his adopted father was adopted by another who could teach him. The war sept of the tribe was essentially a living war college.
Saturday, July 2, 1775
Blue Jacket was among 350 chiefs, subchiefs and delegates attending a very democratic council. 9 Shawnee had been murdered by the Americans who were wiping out elk and buffalo herds in Kentucky to make way for horses and cattle. “Dignity” was the question at hand and it was decided by most of the Shawnee that they would not fight the Shemanese again.
Wednesday, May 15, 1776
Tecumseh, a boy of only 8, is visited by Blue Jacket, who is impressed with his younger brother. Since Point Pleasant Blue Jacket had slain 12 frontiersmen. 17 scalps and counting.
Friday, October 10, 1777
Full scale hostilities begin between the Shawnee and the men of Kentucky. Blue Jacket. Cornstalk went under a flag of truce to Fort Randolph to announce that since the Americans ahd not kept the treaty agreed with Dunmore and had killed numerous Shawnee, that they would be at war again. He was abducted and murdered.
Sunday, February 8, 1778
Blue Jacket captures Daniel Boone who assumed that Blue Jacket was, “an Indian who had learned English…”
Thursday, October 1, 1778
Boone’s 30 salt makers were sold to the British in Detroit. Sold. That is correct, sold. Boone was adopted into the tribe but escaped 3 months later, which the tribesmen regarded as dishonorable. Simon Kenton was sentenced to be burned at the stake ater running a gauntlet. The mountain of a man outran the entire tribe but was tomahawked in the head by Blue Jacket who was riding a horse. Kenton would be spared and adopted and escape like Boone. Blue Jacket, at 25, was the most desirable warrior of the Shawnee and married the beautiful Swan. Their marriage ceremony is described as a touching eugenic act.
Friday, March 19, 1779
Two thirds of the Shawnee Nation decided to adopt the white way of life and migrate beyond the Mississippi, guided by a french trapper that brokered a deal with the Spanish Governor. It is of interest that French, British and Spanish men are never called “whites,” that this is a term only used to describe Americans. It reminds me of walking by a Portland Uhaul dealership yesterday, and seeing that moving vans to Vancouver, Washington, across the river, where Portlanders are flocking in droves to escape the violence of “white” homeless hordes, are offered at a special discount!
Friday, October 15, 1779
Blue Jacket loses another father in war. With the death of Black Fish, Blue Jacket will become the new war chief. The burial of their father falls to Chiksika and Blue Jacket. Among the chiefs that assist them is one named, get this, Black Beard. His cohorts Black Snake, Black Hoof and Black Fish, we might take these names as simple English translations of tribal names—but Black Beard?
Saturday, October 30, 1779
Blue Jacket takes the lead in the war to kill as many American invaders coming down the Ohio River as possible. Although not discussed in this book, one method was to have Tecumseh, who passed as a “white” boy, pretend to be stranded on shore so that rescuers could be murdered. An invasion by William Rodgers and 75 picked men with the best new rifles, was stopped, with the killing of 70 men. There is no mention how many scalps Blue Jacket took.
Saturday, November 9, 1782
George Rodgers Clark defeated the Shawnee and burned their principal town. It was now clear that an American force led by a competent and brave leader would be very difficult to resist and that the strongest Kentucky forts could not be taken, even with British and Canadian assistance. The greatest tribal victory was still in the future. But leaders like Blue Jacket now knew that they would eventually lose. It is remarkable that roughly a third of the Shawnees decided on dying with honor rather than existing as “a white man.”
After delivering a defeat to the Kentuckians, the Shawnee once again drew the ire of Clark. Blue Jacket walked right into the camp of Clark and, along with some American scouts, read the posted orders for the coming invasion of his country, having a friendly conversation with the enemy.
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