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Western Civilization?
Part 1 of 7: The Fate of Western Civilization: 3/6/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
A prompt from Lynn Lockhart and Clark Savage.
“James, Clark Savage has remarked that he’s taken the final LaFond pill, basically the idea that there is no political solution to societal decline. He tweeted that Western Civ had stage four cancer and needed to get its affairs in order, Someone else joked that Western Civ had been in Mexico buying meds and had squandered the time necessary to get its affairs in order. Where are we, Western Civilization, do you think, on the decline spectrum and how cyclic is this. You have commented before on how the Romans and other empires rebooted.
“Also, how does this relate to the origin and fate of the Aryаns and to the nomadic impulse implicit in their conquest of the world, and now the very conscious idea that the civilizing of the world was an imperial crime of white supremacy over various martyr races.”
-Lynn, in an editorial call
Lynn, this is most certainly above my pay grade. This is the question I have been asking of the historical record since I think 2016, when I began A Dread Grace, which was an extension of The Broken Dance ancient boxing project and became The Aryаs Project. The first volume, Sons of Aryаs was finished three years ago and is as many years from publication. This year I intend to take time to edit myself, as we have lost all three series readers for the project and I hope that the intervening years have given some vantage that will make it possible for me to check my own work.
I think that the last few months of 2023 should be dedicated to editing and publishing Sons [1], Beasts [2] and Shrouds [4] with Songs [3] ironically the first in print. This is a hopeless project, in that it entails my listening to hundreds of ancient books multiple times and time is running out. Shrouds, the 4th volume, is the place to consider the trajectory of the Aryаn thread. Note that Blue-Eyed Daughter of Zeus [in print] and Might [in draft] as well as He: Gilgamesh into the Face of Time [in print] are associated works that bear on this question, as well, as do The First Boxers, The Gods of Boxing and All Power Fighting [all in print], The Boxer Dread [in draft] and by the Wine-Dark Sea [in print] and Of Lions and Men [in print].
This is a good place to try and juggle these parcels of tattered record. I feel as if I must here fail, but will try by making the inquiry as basic as possible. Perhaps, starting with the question what is Western Civilization, is the best place to begin.
Currently three things have been greatly disturbing the people of the nation that have inherited Western Civilization, which is America, the subjects of USG:
-The Eastern European War, which is being reported as having taken the opposite course that last year all news oracles assured USG subjects it would take.
-Global Cooling, due to cosmic cycles, which has taken the opposite course that all science oracles for 40 years have guaranteed would be rampant global warming due to Western Civilization’s rampant sins.
-Trains have not been able to stay on the rails, with 2 wrecking every week, bringing into question the most basic promise of Western Civilization, that industrial supply infrastructure was in place forever and so obsolete that it can be maintained without any work ethic or technological know how.
Of course, these three rock solid truths were lies from the beginning. The beauty of Western Civ, is that since it is based on negation of tradition and truth [1] in return for economic plenty, that the subjects of Western Civ, are willing to exchange their beliefs—even in regard to what is good or bad and true and false—in an instant, provided that they are fed and drugged and relieved of the burden to fight or face foes. So long as Western Civilization maintains the domesticated subject of its plenty in satiated security, that creature will believe anything.
The Shamdemic was a clear test of this fact.
It is my sense, on re examining ancient sources, that Western Civilization is not intrinsically Aryаn, but Asiatic, and that it has been propelled ever westward, literally into the sunset, leaving physical deserts [2] and moral wastelands [3] Europe behind it as a parasitic entity that has harnessed the Aryаn instinct to seek virgin pastures and forests in an escape from Asiatic civilization. Once, those Asiatic civilizations were conquered by Aryаns and their moral toxins poisoned the race. Then that race was used to spread the contagion of economic morality, by which people exchange their religious, racial and cultural identities, even their gender identities, in return for the infinite boon of perpetual sloth.
Is it an accident, that Western Civilization always moved west into uncivilized areas and dies first in those areas civilized the longest?
I see that the mythological record, the historical record, and the physical record once the lies of archaeology have been removed, agree that the civilizations of Egypt and Sumer, which we are told were the first, were not. I do speculate that the Aryаns of the Caucasus and steppes that conquered the civilizations from India to Egypt and as well the farmers and hunters of Europe, were survivors and/or enemies of an earlier civilization, an age that predated the Younger-Dryas Event of some 11,000 years ago. Specifics of this count have been, and will be discussed as they rise in sources.
One example is Prometheus Bound, in which the god known as Forethought is punished by The Almighty for the crime of giving arts and technology, most significantly “fire” [4]. While enchained and fettered by Strength and Force and the craftsman of Heaven, Prometheus predicts the downfall of the Almighty, who besides representing more than 51% of cosmic power, is primarily known as Time-holder, declaring that Zeus Almighty Time-Holder has but 10,000 years to reign.
Is terrestrial technological civilization something that waxes and wanes between cosmic cycles?
Is it any accident that the ancients placed their long lost civilization in the west, as an Atlantic Civilization?
Is it mere chance that Western Civilization is currently an Atlantic civilization, around which all of the greatest financial centers are placed?
I sit in the Pacific Northwest, as I wonder on these things, acutely aware of the fact that I am at a further outpost of this Western Civilization.
Additionally, as trains fail, climate fails to be our abused slave, and our distant foes decline to follow their script, we are fettered by foes in our midst. Despite, or because of, the general American inability to digest words of more than to syllables, the political left currently rants about “reparations” to redress ancient ills and the premier politician of the right, the Orange Man, now speaks of himself ass an agent of “Retribution.”
These civic actors are reciting from a script narrated by a deeper power, a power that needs no throne. Before returning to where Western Civilization is going, I will attempt a rough attempt at defining what it was, what it is and where it came from, by way of defining elemental human components.
-2. Hunter
-3. Herder
-4. Farmer
-5. Conqueror
-6. Manager
-7. Creator
-1. Religion is the very first casualty of modernity and its overthrow tends to result in articles of the previous faith being portrayed as lies and the precepts of even the most hasty science being raised a perpetual truths.
-2. The Middle East was turned from a lush forest and grassland into a sand scoured desert by no action other than civilization.
-3. Europe has become the seat of post modern hedonism and an invitation center for Islam, which was the foe faith of that entire continent for over 1,000 years.
-4. Think of the applications of fire in modern civilization, from sperm whale oil lamps, to trains, plains and automobiles.
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