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Part 2 of 7: The Fate of Western Civilization: 3/7/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
“Makes me wonder how the birds an insects were able to feel this winter coming?”
-Buffalo Bob, 3/7/23
The above text from Bob referenced the extreme snow he is experiencing in the Rockies to rival any in his 65 years of life. In this text he was referencing my reports from last September to him of foraging for berries and running into entire flocks of birds ravenously denuding entire elderberry and choke cherry trees in a few minutes. Likewise, insects were very aggressive among fungi and apples in late August. If you did not get to a mushroom as soon as it popped up it would be riddled with worms.
He surmised then that the critters were predicting a bad winter and they did. There are stories from ancient times of animals panicking before earthquakes. I have spent the end of summer and early autumn with Bob for five years now. When this article posts, I will have been in Northwestern Utah—Fate willing—for a month, and, I think it likely, will be seeing more signs of a deepening winter. Bob has talked to me at great length about observations of wild animals and domestic livestock. To think of the term livestock, that it is one word that indicates a stock of food still living but pre-caught, brings to mind the roots of Aryаn culture, which is to say aggressive migration at the head of herds of livestock.
My answer to Bob is that the wild animals are still aware of Creation, still part of The Creator’s design, a state from which we have been utterly divorced for many generations and in some cases many ages. From Odin’s ravens, to Zeus’s eagles, Apollo’s poetical birds, to the Thunderbirds of Amerindian lore, avian kind have long been appreciated as providing a link between denatured civilized man and Creation.
Of a certain interest is one of the final clashes between Western Civilization and an opposing primitive force, was the case of Tecumseh [Panther-passing-across] named after a cosmic event that occurred at his birth. Tecumseh, seems to have been racially half European, of the Aryаn kind, specifically Anglo. He predicted an earthquake and a comet and it is unknown how he was able to do so.
The Shawnee, his folk, had enjoyed a 200 year relationship of alliance with the English aristocracy with whom they intermarried. The British Empire in North America maintained alliances with only the most warlike tribes, such as the Shawnee and Mohawk. These tribes were employed as slave catchers of runaway English subjects and against the many allied tribes of the French and Spanish.
Shawnee culture was based on hunting and raiding and limited farming at the gardening scale. The culture became increasingly dependent on war and captive taking for European trade goods. As well, Shawnee warrior culture was exemplified at the highest level by mixed race warriors, many of whom seem to have been adopted as runaway youths. Adopted Shawnee warriors included Blue Jacket, Daniel Boone, Captain Will Emery, Simon Kenton, Simon Girty, and it seems Puckinswa father of Tecumseh and or Chicksiska, Tecumseh’s older brother. The racial threads are disputed and not possible to unravel in the current political climate. Suffice it to say that race did not matter to the tribes, only the willingness of a man to follow a hunter-warrior lifeway. The Shawnee would go on to serve the American Government as scalp takers of runaway American soldiers in the Whiskey Rebellion in the 1780s and the Mexican Government in the 1840s.
The above trend at the end of the cycle of tribal eradication of hunting cultures under industrial nation state management systems brings the tribal hunter-warrior into civilized service more often than as the foe of civilization. Most tribesmen sided with the United States Government against their own folk, and most tribes allied with the U.S. against other tribes. [0]
Indeed, man-hunting is now exclusively reserved for government agencies and contractors. The investigative police officer, the “detective” is as much of a man-hunter as a SWAT officer is a warrior. Indeed, the importance of man’s oldest occupation, hunting, to the survival of the Postmodern State, is profound.
Every capacity for which the Nation State has reserved for itself preeminence was pioneered and indeed perfected not by civilization, and not just in the west, but by primitive hunters across the ages and the continents:
-Weapon creation and use
-Man hunting
-War making
-Slavery and forced labor
-Alcohol production
-Food growing
-Drug cultivation
-Maritime technology from the canoe to the boat and ship, were developed by fishermen and whalers, which is to say hunters, some 20,000 years ago at least, probably 40,000 years ago at the time of the peopling of Australia.
-Cars, including chariots and automobiles, the first being reserved for chiefs and the latter jealously regulated by government agencies have always been objects of government concern.
Not only was every portion of the globe first discovered and peopled by hunters, but all of those concerns most crucial to The State, being the regulation or monopoly of force, food production, drug and alcohol use [1].
A clear minded study of Aryаn culture must divorce it from Western Civilization. The latter is a mere parasitic process that has used the wanderlust and risk taking intrinsic to the War Band culture [2] as a means of spreading money and management systems around the globe. When U.S. Navy SEALs drop into a small nation and murder its military leaders in order to maintain the Petro-dollar [Iraq, Lybia] we are witness to the most ancient Aryаn activity functioning in captivity to money management.
In the remaining portions of this narrative I shall attempt to draw hunting, herding and farming threads through the processes of military conquest and civic management that have defined Western Civilization down through the known ages, to the current creative process of transhuman creationism which might consign this legacy to the boneyard of forgotten ages.
-0. Metacomet [1670s], Tecumseh [1810s], Black Hawk [1820s], and Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Geronimo in the late 1800s, were hunted and betrayed by their own people and enemy tribesmen in service to the civilized invader.
-1. What is a more supra-tribal organization than the ATF, a group of government thugs dedicated to insuring a government monopoly on guns and the world’s two most popular drugs? The Romans did know about Antarctica, see Ovid. Indeed, such agencies have tribal antecedents, such as the Dog Soldiers of the Cheyenne, the Leopard Men of Africa, as well as cross-cultural academic covens such as the Rosicrucian and hybrids such as the Knights Templar.
-2. Aryаn seems to have been a term that meant “of the war bands,” which our academics have corrupted into “Noble,” which now indicates a degenerate, hereditary class of parasites, rather than the nomadic bands of hunting herders that emerged from the region north and east of the Black Sea in early antiquity.
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