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‘This Opaque Blacklist’
Musings from the Cancel Culture Waste Bin: San Jose, 4/25/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
“Hey, Jay Baby, Fox has canceled Tucker. I know what I think about it, but was wondering what you think about it.”
-Miss Ezz
“James, you know I only have 1,000 Twitter followers and 90% of that is because you can’t be found on Twitter except through a twitter personality tweeting something you wrote. I have four followers, who have at least 10,000, and one of these hundreds of thousands. BAP and Wrath of Gnon are huge. These people read you, and two of them, Wrath and The Last Pirate, quote you. Then there are the guys like Martyr Made who have quoted you so extensively without credit, and since virtually nobody knows who you are, they can’t afford to quote you for fear of looking like they have been ripping you off. This makes me think about your estimation that 400 writers read your site, based on reads of your on writing articles. We have spoken with a handful of these men. It is so strange that you, Jonah swallowed by a train, are at the center of a large circle of fringe writers and remain invisible…
“My question is, obviously, even people on the right wing fringe are afraid of being associated with you. Why, specifically do you think this is, and how do you think it ties in with the change in your Deep State handling? If I recall correctly, in November 2020, your federal handler of three years disappeared after trying to get you to suggest violent revolution one last time and that you were then contacted by three former military contractors with various offers of breaking the law with you, and then it abruptly stopped after all of those dumb-dumbs did what they did on January 6. How has your handling changed.”
-Lynn Lockhart, by phone
I predicted 2 years ago that Tucker would be forced out at Fox. I don’t think I wrote about it but told Mister Safrano, the Captain, the Colonel, Mescaline Franklin and Guru Rick. I do not know the circumstances of Rich Boy Tucker’s ostracism. I do know that it was necessary, due to his betrayal of his:
-social class
-his media profession
-his conservative base’s worship of American war making.
Separation of church and state has meant that most of history cannot be taught or studied in American public schools, ever, leaving vast historical gaps. Such as American history is, is nothing but rehashing of WWII and African slavery. The Founding Fathers wanted a fractured body politic of feuding Christian denominations to play of against one another, as they were deists, agnostics, Old Testament Punics and even atheists. What they possibly did not foresee, although I suspect Franklin and Washington did, was that the absence of a church and state co-rule would result in the state becoming the church, the embodiment of the Almighty, and that the business and political classes would take the place of The Christ, with the media elevated to apostles, disciples, and priests. [1] Thus, a media person like Tucker is a priest, and if he goes against doctrine he must be cast beyond the pale. Tucker may turn out to be the Martin Luther, Joseph Smith or David Koresh of Postmodern Media Theology.
As for the change in my handling by the Deep State, this began when Tom told me I would not be hearing from him again the week before the electronically edited election of Creepy Joe. Then, on January 7th, my 4 banned books were freed from censorship. Since then I have had one nice interview with polite Agency Contractors when reaching the East Coast each year. The Creep State knows that I am just a weird writer and have no political leanings, that I advocate apolitical behavior. This makes me valuable to them in limiting the number of dissident minds that go operational. Before January 6 they needed an army of white supremacists. But, when every normal conservative became a traitor white supremacist over night, and liberal and lefties went from being hippies to patriots at the same instant, the government now had an expended pool of enemies 100 times more numerous than the weirdo Alt Right faɡɡots they had previously relied upon to scar normal Americans into supporting a police state.
Why am I and my work taboo, beyond normal blacklisting, residing in the silent basement of bad thoughts?
Below are the probable motivations of folk depending on their social identity. Recall, that two liberal progressives, one a film maker and the other a writer, interviewed me, and then decided to remain silent about having met or read me, because, as the NYC filmmaker said, “You are a good man and if I mention our meeting and I do not assassinate your character I will lose my funding.”
-Lefties, who talk to me, are smart enough to know I am not conservative, “racist,” or right wing, and therefor mentioning my bad thinking has no value in attacking their monolithic conservative foe or their largely imaginary white supremacist enemies.
-Conservatives, cannot be caught citing anything I write because I have framed their nation as evil, transexual, satanic, which would discredit anything else I write in the eyes of their didactic fellows of fey orthodoxy.
-Libertarians, cannot abide my contention that modern civilization is evil, when to them it is the only good, wanting only more civilizing.
-Natsies have actually tried to kill me on two occasions. My close association with blacks and Jews over the years makes me a pariah. They will only tolerate me as a coach and entertainer. Indeed, three fighters have removed themselves from such political factions due to my influence, even though I never spoke against these factions, merely warning these men not to trust political leaders into using them as meat shields and patsies.
-Masculinity and Manosphere writers are mostly homos and the fact that I am a straight man who has written more on masculinity than all of them combined makes me a threat to their market share. They underestimate that most of their readers are half homo and that Modern Western Man is so sissy that he cannot take masculine advice from a man who does not suck dick.
-Law Enforcement and Military men have had to put our connections away and shun me because they I correctly predicted their downfall, and their change of allegience and repurposing and it is simply embarrassing.
-Historians of all ideologies and Pro White America 1776 and 1950s White Picket Fence Utopian writers, as well as blacks and Punics cannot promote anything I write, even when they agree, because it could lead to one of my 15 iron clad primary source researched books on Plantation America. The facts about Plantation America destroy the fantasy of Colonial America, which is the false past that all of the above ideologies, and the entire list above them, leans on as a foundational myth. To expect any ideologue with a brain to approve of any part of my work would be like expecting Christian theologians to sanction the scholarship of a writer who proved that Jesus Christ was a Mithraic Prophet, Scythian Shaman or Buhddist Monk. [2] It would be like Augustus Caesar patronizing a poet who denied that Aeneas and Romulus founded Rome under sanction from Jove, Venus and Mars. If Virgil would have, instead of penning the Aeneid, wrote Seven Bandit Hills on Shit River as the Roman foundational myth, he would have been greased with pork fat and fed to the wolves.
-1. Ultimately, the cult of celebrity worship only developed in America in the 1880s and then spread, as a direct result of separation of church and state, across the world.
-2. I have heard all of these proposals.
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Ruben     Dec 5, 2023

Just wow! Mind blowing stuff here with a ring of truth like a gong. Keep on keepin' on, bro!
Maud'Dib     Dec 6, 2023

On you predicting your accention via lung issues in 2024.

Make sure lynn posts (everywere) your wake/celebration of life/what ever it is called well in advance so US (me) heathens might have a chance to make the trek to La Bond Mecca. 1000+ in attendance would be grand "your #1 to the creep state". I see stick fighting duels, carousing and general "bad" behavior in spades. Never met you, only listened/read from afar.

Thank you for your no hold bars honesty (mostly) in advance.
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