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‘Fountain of Youth?’
Vaxx Zombie De Gualle Wonders About Elite Aspirations: San Jose, 4/24/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
The aged crackpot, shrunken and wizened, sits in a postage stamp San Jose apartment with Vaxx Zombie DeGualle as they watch police shooting, Brazilian motorcycle shooting, and chimpout videos online.
“Jay, I’ve known you since my senior year in high school when you were the stick-fighting psycho coach. I set up the site as kind of an ode for all of the training and never read more then 10% of it, all your weird ideas and weirder fiction had no appeal. Then, after I see the election of the scumbag I voted against obviously get stolen, and nobody on my side of the political aisle can see this obvious travesty of an election for what it is, I have to get vaxxed a condition for medical care. So I have you there as an example of what I was learning, that the political process and certainly voting is bullshit.
“Boom, then I get the kill shot. This thing just straight up fucks 5% of people that get it, that translates to a couple million of us dead in this country alone. After looking into the science, it is obvious that they knew this. This doctor here [points to live stream vaxx injury symposium], explains it so even I can understand it. The spike proteins that my body is now forced to produce, my own immune system, has been trained to attack the lining of my blood vessels.
“So, since somehow you’ve been right about everything else, what is the reasoning behind this decision? Getting that kill shot and now suffering the slow sure death, was my watershed moment. I was immune to seeing the obvious government backing of 911 when it happened. No, it’s a no brainer, obvious. I have accepted that everything is a conspiracy, but I’m not sure about the nature of it. The ‘one guy’ lone mastermind thing is stupid, as you’ve written about, just part of our programming. Speaking of programming, if I want to know what the government wants me to believe, I just have to call up my parents and ask them about the news and I’ll get the implant regurgitated for me. But why would the elite, the World Economic Forum, for instance, consent to 5% of them and theirs taking the hit?
“Write it up. I want to read it. I can’t get through Gibbon and the myths. You have a knack for explaining the old truths for we prisoners of the new lie. I understand why the elites would want to kill us. We are subhumans to them. But why not kill more of us and why take out their own as well?”
My friend, I will address power according to science and myth.
I hold science as fake. However, lets look at this according to science and the guidelines of its sorcerer purveyors. Billions of people world wide were forced, many at the point of a gun, including the USG assassination of three African heads of state that refused to force the vaxx on their people. This vaxx was an experimental gene therapy that had not been tested on humans, but on ferrets I think, our closet mammal cousins it would seem. By having employers, military men and politicians force an experimental therapy on everybody, all filters normally put in place for clinical trials to save the subjects from harm, were removed. This would make this a highly informative, fast track clinical trial on a global scale, the largest and least filtered science experiment ever, which suggest a sense of urgency on the part of the elite that goes beyond money making, but to their mortal and possibly immortal benefit. [0]
Deaths would occur. But, due to 95% of USG subjects believing that gunshot and overdose victims and victims of targeted medical neglect and intubation murder were Covid deaths based on medical falsification and media reports, it was a given that the death of millions or even billions due to the vaxx, would be believed to be the cause of whatever the media said it was.
Law suits for death from the vaxx given through 2024 are not legal.
These Young Gods of Science have blanket immunity for their incidental mass murder due to accelerated research in advance.
As a science-fiction writer, I suspect that the factory made Covid disease was made by, or in cooperation with, the people in possession of the experimental treatment, in order to get the largest and best clinical trial, so that a drug that actually works to combat ALL diseases could be made available for the Great Cull of 2031. [1]
Flu vaϲϲines have not been successful. Even if such reactive vaϲϲines were improved, with economic collapse imminent by 2030, it is not reasonable to suppose that such intensive monitoring, research and development campaigns, that have to be redone every year, could be continued. The famines of 2030 and beyond will bring waves of disease vectoring through the malnourished slave herd to strike the elites, for they will still be using us for sex, baby incubators and body parts.
In 2031 we will tip into a deep ice age and the masses that have been politically disabled from using autonomous automobiles and tied to suburban and urban mass transit, driven from the lands bought up by Brill Yates and his Ring Wraiths, will be killed in mass in their sprawling suburban hives by the ancient expedient of famine. This was a long range plan hatched in the 1970s when climate scientists discovered that Earth was about to tip into a severe cooling cycle. By getting the masses worried about global warming, we would be unprepared for global cooling and easier to cull.
Class politics, like old school communists are into, misses the point of hierarchical politics. It is not the Rich against the Poor. Power has always been about the Rich against the Rich, with the Poor merely a weapon or resource.
The world is ruled, roughly, by:
-3 nations
-14 banks
-150 NGOs
-500 Corporations
These are merely the gross bodies. For instance, USG consists of:
-350 million subjects
-3.5 million agents
-some thousands of politicians
-50 states
-20 agencies
-4 nation-sized military organizations
-1 central agency split into 4 factions.
The members of USG that matter to USG are about 1% of the whole.
Based on the fact that most people I know who have been vaxxed, have not had immediate sever side effects like you, but are now chronically sick, including 3 men with sudden chronic heart problems, I suspect that the expected 10 year casualty projection from the vaxx was expected to be:
-5% instant death and disability
-50% within 5 years
-100% before the global belt tightening deluge and famine of 2031.
The above should also net data useful for turning Yates and his fellows into semi-immortal demigods of a severely depleted near future, a world reduced from the projected 10 billion of my youth to at most a billion. Among these elites will be a handful of Promethean figures who try and help mankind, traitors to the elites. Recall that in most endemically violent settings that the violence is same race, same faith and same gender. The elites despise us as subhuman, but we wallow beneath the hate horizon, unworthy of such intense malice as they direct at one another as the scions of an alternative future that does not include themselves, but a rival.
Jove/Zeus Almighty, Time Holder, God of Gods looked down upon humanity and saw corruption. He had Prometheus [Forethought], formerly his ally against Time [Titanic Saturn/Chronos] chained to a mountain where his liver would be daily dined upon by an eagle. Prometheus suffered this cruel fate for the crime of either making mankind after the image of the gods and/or for bestowing upon mankind technology.
Jove then resolved to drown mankind under a deluge to wipe the world clean of our taint.
You might have heard other versions of this myth, which is globally universal. I suspect, that these universal flood myths suggest a previous civilization with high technology [2] that fell under its own hubris. The higher powers of most faiths warred with one another, to include Satan and a third of the angels rebelling against God. The battle of the elite is not against us, but between them. We are merely their minions, their slaves and their food.
Ultimately the Vaxx Plague is a mechanistic search for the Fountain of Youth. Recall, that in 1513, Ponce De Leon landed in Florida in search of this mythic well and got a Timicun arrow in the ass that killed him. Let us pray to whatever god does not despise or hunger to dine upon us, that Brill Yates and his ilk will likewise suffer the just fruits of their savage quest for undeath.
-0. When we were developing reality based blade doctrine with blunts we had to do a lot of time consuming simulations that took 10 years with roughly 100 participants in order to spare injury to our limited pool of volunteers. But, if we had 1,000 inmates that we could force to fight each other with knives, well, we could have arrived at a doctrine in a week, rather then in ten years.
-1. See the sites Adapt 2031 and Magnetic Reversal News, as well as the publications of the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Society, formerly headed by one Casey, the latter an unempeachable source. Also, Brain Fagan’s The Little Ice Age is a good reference, concerning the cooling period that ended the High Middle Ages and set the stage for the replacement civilization of Modernity from 1315 through 1816.
-2. The gods of ancient myths have many technological aspects suggestive of machinery, generally fly in machines [chariots], to include being sustained by blood [Ichor] that is toxic to man and nature, down to the robot craftsmen of Hephastius who spoke with silvery tongues.
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