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‘Context’ #1: Overture
Treading the Lie in Muddled Sight: San Jose, Shamerica, Sol 3: Primate Experiment, 4/26/23
© 2023 James LaFond
Yes it is about time I stop this charade and once again own up to my origin…
Dear Apes of Blue, I am your resident zoologist. Finishing 116 in a class of 116 some of your apish ages ago I was cast out from my cerebral kind to spend these past 11,000 of your years studying your emotive kind. I am guilty of softening this point a decade ago when I write letters from and Extra Terrestrial Anthropologist. I did not lie, except by your own wise men’s deft use of omission.
Yes, one Joseph did find my distress beckon and egress tablets of gold and built a faith about them. When I did apply to his tout successor, Bigman Young for a return of my property he did set some of his more savage wives upon me… These things and others were true.
However, I have long neglected to apologize for my rough landing. My schoolmaster, perhaps hoping for my demise and dreading the grading of my thesis upon my return, granted me but one pilot’s lesson with an unlettered drug addict… Alas, I thought that the vast and thick ice sheets over what is now the Great Lakes of North America, would afford a frictionless landing.
Have I mention that I flunked physics, astrophysics and aerodynamics?
In any case, it is about time I apologize for what you have various named The Younger Dryas Event, the doom of Atlantis, the Flood of Noah, etc. I continue to be stricken with guilt and reminded of my buffoonish crime every time I spy one of your auto accidents…
Last night I drank with Vaxx Zombie De Gualle while we viewed various feasts of the lie on You Lube. He dropped me off at the hotel room last night with instructions to write a piece on “Context,” he having pointed out that even the dissident news bots were setting the news stage with “Context” often. Both sides of the main polar debate set context as do the half of 1% who grouse, hatter and in many cases try to honestly inform. All sides do not trust the viewer to frame the news themselves, but feel bound by ethics, practicality of condescension to assign the background and meaning of said event or even conspiracy for the many-duped viewer.
In any case, dear SaySay, the beauteous human female of Asiatic extraction who finds ancient transhuman love of some appeal, is on her way over to this lonely on her to repair my left foot and conduct a more amicable certification of the more variable portions of this apish anatomy I have been cursed to lurch about in these past 60 years. I would dearly like to appropriate the vessel of the younger Klitschko brother as soon as this expires and grant her a visit worthy of her charms. But this damned runty rattle trap of brittle bone and ever less elastic sinew continues remain animate from the such emissions of thought energy as this. I tell you I remain worse off than a mythic Camilla who must drink the blood of the liing to continue, though I am rather more deeply cursed with imbibing the thoughts of the stupid multitude and being rejuvenated by internal objections to the chattersong of your apish throng…
Yes context?
The last thing we viewed last night was a broadcast by one Chris Hedges, who seems to be a long suffering victim of iniquity clothed in the inequity afflicting what seem to be his racial and gender pets. The subject was the revolt of a Haitian gang, lead by one Big Barbecue, a fellow who has burned some malefactors to death. This man is defying the U.S. after that nation murdered his president and blamed it on Jamaicans.
Before the two do-good pale apes discuss their visits to Haiti and interaction with Big barbecue, Chris provides context, most of which are falsehoods presented as facts.
He states that Haiti achieved independence from France in a slave uprising. This is false, as independence was achieved after a long, civil war during the french Revolution which saw no less than 9 factions of three races contend for supremacy. Due to disease and population in balance favoring Africans, only they remained at the end.
Toussant, a free mulatto barkeep was giving credit for this accidental independence, when he in fact, after European sponsored victory, brought back the French planters and gave them back their slaves!
The man who gained independence was Dessalains, who cannot be discussed because he killed more Africans than any one, and he was not even mixed like Tousant, but pure African in blood. LeClerc called him, “the butcher of the Negroes,” in a letter to his master Napoleon.
Hedges, in his false history, then makes it sound like Haiti was victimized by Europeans and Americans for its entire independence, when, in fact, that nation kept Europeans out for a hundred years and arranged diplomatic relations with the Austrian Empire, from whom they gained technology and advisers.
The U.S. in the early 1900s oppressed Haiti roughly as explained by hedges, a history that can be easily checked and is agreed upon by all sides of the debate. By speaking truth I the last frame of context to people who have rarely read books and of those that do read never read anything written during the period under discussion, hedges achieves The Lie, falsifying the past, erecting a house of half-truths upon a foundation of whole lies.
The interesting part, in this one discussion, is that abook was written before Americans were officially allowed back into Haiti, by man who cannot be read by Liberals, because he made racial distinctions. This man. Lothrop Stoddard, saw the Africans of cruel victims of the savage French, yet the facts he revealed from primary sources cannot be read by the Left. To lock down any chance at clarity, the curators of Stoddard’s work, to include an infamous racist academic of our time, who has written books totally beyond the mainstream pale, including the Culture of Critique, wrote a forward to Stoddard’s book. In this forward he agrees with the falsehoods of hedges and the academic Left, his enemies.
This is the key to context in the Postmodern Debate over our present condition, that both sides of the primary polar debate agree upon the very same lies about our past, disabling any chance at true understanding.
Last night I listened to Chapter 13 of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon. Due to stylistics of prose, the changing of the meanings of words by creatures like Hedges and the reading of lie based “histories” by the few of us who do read, I am the only person I know who can tolerate reading such truthful content supplied with real context that I know.
Note that history is ancient Greek for inquiry. However, we conceptualize history as a fixed chronology, in which we merely inquire as to what long-dead actors are to be blamed for the result we were born into. This makes our idea of history, as fixed context rather than as investigation, less informative than homer’s Iliad. In that old war poem gods and men disagree on many more points than modern adversaries in the false debate about our past, present and future.
As I travel across the country I will listen to Gibbon more and try and suggest a means by which other dissident minds might be able to provide context rather than imbibe the foundational lies offered up as such.
Until then, if you read anything written after 1945, that was not written by this marooned alien in your midst, then you are being mislead. So read the ancients ending with works of non-fiction written before 1830, and works of fiction written before 1940.
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