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What is Newslaw?: Context #2: San Jose, 4/26/23
© 2023 James LaFond
I have traced Newslaw back to 1830, in three American academic treatments of events of the 1600s and 1700s. In these works new terms were used to replace old terms and hence effect a subtle semantic change of meaning, which grossly distorted the past by increasing removes from reality and fact with every passing generation that had not been exposed to the original words. Thus fact and reality can be changed in the reader’s mind semantically to create a false fantasy that possess the gravity of truth. This was originally done over long time, from 1830 to 1945, at which point a new world came into being, erected on a falsified past. [Reference the appendix of Cracker-boy, showing that 95% of runaway slaves in Maryland, over 40 years, were NOT of African race.]
Newslaw is mass mind pre-conditioning based on lies, mistakes, mischaracterizations, and most importantly omissions, promulgated by academics. Putting these things in place shapes the way news is projected by the media and digested by the idiot masses and even the brilliant elites.
For instance, by labeling National Socialists “Natsies” which was not a term they used to describe their own bloodthirsty movement, then we may assume, and we do, that they were internationalist, global conquerors bent on world dominion. We don’t even have to be told, though we are. We have been conditioned to assume that Natsies were globalists, when they were in fact nationalists, bent on regional dominion to protect against a competing global dominion. [0]
Newslaw is dependent upon misunderstanding the past through an exclusively current world view. This is the same reason why nearly all science-fiction writers of the 1930s thru 1960s, were wrong about the future, because they accepted a falsified past. Only Phillip K. Dick, who did not even accept the present and [evidenced by his use of acid] and questioned the past in his journals, made any accurate social predictions about the near future. [1]
In Context #1 we compared the idiot fantasies about Haitian origins of today’s Newslaw with the factual exposition of a far more complex and interesting event document by Lothrop Stoddard in his French Revolution in San Domingo from 1920.
Last night, Vaxx Zombie De Gaulle showed me his google news feed, which was 90% Covid news. Compare this to less than 5% of national and local news not covering this, and we see a baseline lie being held in reserve. Keep in mind that 10% of Americans still mask. That is quite a reserve of permanent disease panic. I concluded that this would be for the reason of holding an EndTime disaster over our head in case the current Doctor Evil WWIII does not pan out, or the Orange Man fails to reemerge as an existential threat to humanity.
Then, today I get this editorial phone call.
“There is this war going on in Sudan and there is currently an evacuation of an embassy. There is a mention in the news story of a medical research lab that might hold some dangerous pathogens, and of course, if they get released it is an unforseable accident. But, why, would a high tech research and development lab be positioned in Africa, in one of its poorest and least stable regions? Because it is a bio weapon lab, which is against the law here, and besides, the creepy scientists can experiment on Africans that nobody cares about—especially other rival Africans like the ones that are killing them right now. It is so clear that the American News Mind not only is incapable of making that common sense deduction, but is incapable of accepting it, because...fill in whatever bullshit idea of how government serves people rather than people serving government, and the joke of an assumption that the media informs rather than misleads.”
-Lynn Lockhart, by phone
Edward Gibbon Versus Newslaw
In Chapter 11 to 13 of his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon addresses the problems of Rome in Egypt, that there was perpetual contests with savages in Upper Egypt [Sudan]. This was solved by Diocletion [son of a slave] resettling the Nubians of Lybia in Upper Egypt as a buffer, setting the sanguine stage for 2,000 years of black-on-black crime.
A reading of ancient history would show that The Nile was a pump that pushed peoples, periodically down river to the Middle Sea and into conflict. This was a littoral world bound to the river. Not until 700 years after Diocletion [2] would the Arabs introduce the camel to the Sahara and find a way other than the Indian Ocean, Atlantic or Nile to penetrate into the heart of the Dark Continent.
Academia and Hollywood, the PR branch of Newslaw, says this is about race. But the ancients ascribed it to geography, and it has proven consistently so, since as early as 2700 B.C. [3]
Ethiopians of Herodotus & Genetics Versus Newslaw
Historians are all taught, yes all, that Herodotus was a poor historian and only an entertaining folklorist. He declares that a garrison of misbehaving Persians were sent to hold down Ethiopia, with the King of Kings holding their wives as hostages. They revolted, and when he reminded them of their wives, they responded that they had already found other wives. Now, geneticists have determined that the distinct gracile faces of Ethiopians and their estrangement from other African races, has a genetic basis: they are descended from Persian men and African women!
Nile of Herodotus and Satellites Versus Newslaw
One of the many “facts” historians have pointed at to declare Herodotus a fool, was his relation that the Nile flowed east into the Sahara from the back of the Atlas Mountains, where a lake fed the headwaters of that branch of the Nile. Satellite images have proven Herodotus correct, showing the basins of great lakes and long lateral rivers, with Lake Chad the remnant of a once greater lake.
Newslaw is not simply, usually wrong. It is necessarily ALWAYS wrong over Long Time, so that no causal understanding of the present, and no appreciation of possible futures, my fall into the dim consciousness of the vast human herd as it is driven towards the yawning cliffs of its trundling demise.
-0. This myth building of an evil robot nation commanded by an evil mastermind is the foundation of all of the USG excuses for going to war since the 1980s, the modern mythos having properly matured in movie and TV form by the late 1970s. Movies made in the 1950s about WWII, when still young combatants were among the audience, did not serve this purpose and had to be redone along increasingly cartoonish, good guy/bad guy lines in later times.
-1. Orwell and Huxley were intelligence operatives, and Orwell, the more accurate of the two, was not a science-fiction writer but a journalist.
-2. Diocletion and his actions cannot be understood currently, due to the fact that he could not have been a slave by modern standards, as he was European. He is taught as a mechanistic political reformer or Christian hater, depending on the prejudice of the historian.
-3. Over 3,000 years, 3 black conquerors swept down out of Upper Egypt to take the place of Pharaoh.
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