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‘Cough Train’
Notes on Post Shamdemic Transportation: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
© 2023 James LaFond
The train trip I just completed to San Jose has convinced me that I have underestimated how deeply media conditioned we are. 1, 2, 3 years ago, when hardly any of the many people I knew were sick, to cough continuously on public transportation would have brought an uproar of ostracism.
I know, a lot of people in a lot of places.
This year, with no pandemic, I have heard from phone that most of my friends and family have been sick. I have had the worst case of bronchitis in my life—sounding like there is a water bong in my chest. In The Cascades, every body was sick, including me. In Portland, all of the 8 people I lived with in two households had a bad, persistent cough. I know 3 Dive bar denizens who were hospitalized with Covid. While buying 5 z-packs of antibiotics and steroids to kick the brown goo out of my chest, I was informed by the pharmacy tech that they were short in stock in these items, had been selling a lot. This is the biggest pharmacy chain in the country, in Portland, right on top of one of the nations 4 largest supply hubs.
I noticed that 10%of passengers in the station and on the train are masked, in addition to all Asian being masked, making it from 12% to 20% per train.
The trains are still only 70% full, when 95% was the pre-plague norm.
What was shocking, was that a full one third of the passengers were couching and blowing their noses and that on each car, there was one passenger who coughed constantly, like every 3 seconds.
What ever the cause of this is, unusually cool whether in the pacific northwest followed by heavy rain and record pollen counts, a legacy of the Vid, or a legacy of the Vaxx, or all three, this is something I have never seen in all of my days. Never have I been around so many people coughing, not even in flu season doctor’s officers or smokey AA meetings. This should be public health news. Indeed, my new medical provider starts the automated office visit with a focus on is whether I have Covid or not.
Yet all that matters is military style guns hypnotizing men to mass murder, the Orange Man banging a whore, Doctor Evil committing war crimes and saving freeloading fetuses from the business end of a coat hanger.
Honestly, I don’t care about any of this, nor about the respiratory plague—I know the lungs will fail me and one day.
There was a greater incidence of coughing among the masked. Could wearing masks be bad for the lungs?
College graduates and other upper middle class people where coughing at a higher rate than as wastrel class trash.
People were not social distancing.
In California social distancing messages are still made by the intercom system.
Additionally, California transit buses have signs that say:
“Masks are Strongly Recommended on Mass Transit.”
In addition, there was compassion. I poor ghost man in his tweed shirt and neatly manicured beard coughed non stop for at least 12 hours. He removed himself to the viewing car where he coughed there. I and the others did not move away or complain. Two passengers offered him cough drops and syrup, many of these people now traveling with such remedies. Eventually a kind bought him to shots of whiskey and that calmed his cough down.
Whatever the cause and significance, behavior towards the sick has changed with the absence of the media witch hunt, which suggests it can be brought back with the reading of a headline credentialed by “medical expert.”
It is also of interest that the ground floor masking has settled at 10%—up from 0% before the shamdemic. Keep in mind that only 6% of the population [black men] have been enough to flip 90% of urban real estate east of the Mississippi. 10% is a strong permanent cadre of zealots to have in place for the next medical media storm.
I simply wanted to toss this message in a bottle upon the lie tossed waters of Media Hate.
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